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Xhose by Dap Blue Garden Hose


Order - Xhose Blue Expandable Garden Hose The revolutionary XHose by Dap includes a brand-new, unique expandable design and is unlike any kind of garden hose you have ever seen. It’s a expanding lightweight hose. The XHose is the world’s first as well as just expandable hose. The X-Hose the fabulous broadening blue hose, not offered


Instagone Pro Spray Instantly Remove Stains

As Seen On TV Instagone Pro

Instagone Pro Allows you to Instantly Clean any Stain without Scrubbing Stains are no match with the powerful spray of Instagone Pro. No need to get on your knees scrubbing. Instagone Pro gets rid of just about any kind of stain on contact. There are many great features of Instagone and there have been over


Diamond Z4 – Simulated Beautiful Diamond Z Engagement Ring


Diamond Z4 Simulated Beautiful Ring Diamond Z4 Engagement Ring The Brilliance of Flawless Diamonds are captured in this beautiful Diamond Z4 engagement ring! Now for the first time ever, the fire and brilliance of flawless diamonds are captured in this beautiful ring! Each ring is perfectly complemented by a brilliant setting of Sterling Silver Plate


Grassology Grass Seed with Pocket Hose Ultra

Grassology As Seen On TV

With Grassology Grass Seed you can create a gorgeous, virtually maintenance-free lawn. Less mowing because grass grows slowly to a dwarf height.


Kymaro New Body Shaper Take Off Inches


Kymaro New Body Shaper Take Off Inches The Kymaro New Body Shaper is the fastest and safest way to take off inches in all the important places where we can’t seem to lose the weight. Body-hugging shape-wear curves your body in all the right places. Instantly take off inches where it counts. Get a Slender Figure


Flex Seal Brite Light White Color Aerosol Spray

Flex Seal Brite

Flex Seal New Brite Color Flex Seal the product we have come to known as the amazing liquid rubber sealer seen on tv has come out with a great new lighter white color. Flex Seal White Brite is a liquid rubber sealer in an aerosol can that stop leaks quickly! Seal and stop those water


Jillian 90 Day Body Revolution Program – Jillian Michaels Revolution


Jillian’s Body Revolution – Get 15 DVDs & Free Bonuses The Jillian Michaels Body Revolution program is one of Jillian’s most comprehensive extreme weight loss system yet!  Jillian is well known from her time as a fitness trainer on The Biggest Loser TV Show. Transform Your Body in 90 Days – with Jillian Michaels Revolution


Total Gym XLS | Total Gym 3000 | Total Gym 2000

Total Gym Save 10%

Total Gym are total body home gyms, exercise machines and fitness equipment endorsed by Chuck Norris. Total Gym takes ALL of the guesswork out of getting in shape.


Scalp Med for Hair Growth – Stop Baldness

Scalp Med Shampoo

Scalp Med is helping many win the battle against hair loss. Scalp Med has been proven to re-grow your hair and will keep it from falling out again for as long as you use it.


Bowflex M3 Max Trainer Exercise Machine

Bowflex M3 Trainer

You can get all the burn on the Bowflex M3 streamlined trainer by Bowflex. The MAX Trainer M3 delivers the breakthrough 14-minute MAX Trainer workout and puts you in control.


Flex Shot Thick Rubber Adhesive Bonding Sealer

Flex Shot

Flex Shot by the makers of Flex Seal • There is no waste and you can use it over and over again. • So Easy To Use – Anyone Can Do It! • Great For Crafts And Decorative Items! • No Need For A Caulking Gun! • No Running, No Dripping, No Mess! • Gives You


Mr Lid Locking Attached Lids Storage Containers


Never lose a lid again with the Mr Lid Containers. With Mr. Lid you should never loose another lid again! Plastic storage boxes for food and other items with attached lids. Brilliant! Tired of looking for storage lids or cant find the right size? Not any more, Mr. Lids is the amazing food storage container


Mattress Wedge Fills Gap and Improves Sleep

Mattress Wedge As Seen On TV

Get a better nights sleep with Mattress Wedge and stop losing items between the gap of your mattress and head board.


Nutrisystem Diet Popular Weight Loss Plan

nutrisystem foods

Nutrisystem Diet Special Savings Nutrisystem Limited Time Offer – Order Now! Check out Nutrisystem’s New everyday low pricing on their largest selection of weight loss plans for women and men. Nutrisystem Fast Five lose 5 pounds in a week. Special Free Bonus Offer! For forty years, Nutrisystem has helped millions of people achieve real weight


Grassology Grass Seed with Pocket Hose Ultra

Grassology A Breakthrough in Grass Seed
Grassology As Seen On TV

Grassology has been called the Science Of Grass. No more high maintenance lawn bills. Most of us would like a gorgeous lawn without paying a fortune and taking up a lot of time. Now with the creation of Grassology Grass Seed you can create a gorgeous, virtually maintenance-free lawn

With this special seed roots may grow up to four times deeper than with ordinary grass seed. Because of this the grass finds water and nutrients on its own, rather than depending on you for constant lawn care. Because of the depth the grass roots grow it can reach the water.

So what are some of the best features of Grassology?

Your lawn care will be virtually maintenance free. Get that gorgeous lawn you’ve always wanted without all the work and expense. Save money and time on watering, fertilizing,and weeding. Grows roots that are up to four times deeper than ordinary grass so they can find their own water and nutrients. Less mowing because grass grows slowly to a dwarf height.

So spend less time caring for your lawn and more time enjoying it.
Buy Grassology

Buy a Bag of Grassology and Get a Special Offer on a 2nd Bag and a Pocket Hose Ultra!


Grassology Customer Service 855-668-1699, Order Grassology™ today and you’ll get a one pound bag of Grassology™, enough for 250 square feet of coverage, for just $14.99 plus shipping and handling . They are also including an opportunity to add the *SPECIAL OFFER second one pound bag of Grassology™, along with a 25ft Pocket Hose™ Ultra, For a *Separate Fee of just $9.99. And don’t forget, today you’ll also have the chance to get free shipping on your order! This special Grassology™ offer is not available in stores






Instagone Pro Spray Instantly Remove Stains

Instagone Pro Allows you to Instantly Clean any Stain without Scrubbing

As Seen On TV Instagone Pro

Stains are no match with the powerful spray of Instagone Pro. No need to get on your knees scrubbing. Instagone Pro gets rid of just about any kind of stain on contact.

There are many great features of Instagone and there have been over 4 million users that agree to this. It actually cleans stains right away on contact. Eliminate the stain quickly with just a spray. No need for scrubbing because of it’s unique formual. Works instantly on just about any surface whether indoors or outdoors. Do you have weathered lawn furniture that needs a good cleaning? Use Instagone Pro and make your furniture look new again. Bring that furniture back to life.

Hands free cleaning makes it so much easier for you to get into the smallest cracks and crevasses. Clean grout, tile, stone floors, rug stains and counter tops. The types of surfaces and fabrics you can clean are endless.

You can even clean tough pet stains with no scrubbing on contact. Get rid of the stain and get rid of the odor.

Buy Instagone Pro Now



Instagone Customer Service 877-370-1425 between the hours of 9 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday EST. OFFER DETAILS: Purchase today and get enough to make 2 – 22 oz. Bottles of InstaGONE™ Pro and a spray bottle for only $10 plus P&H. And you can DOUBLE the InstaGONE™ Pro OFFER for FREE, just pay an additional  P&H! You also have the opportunity to get 1 – 15 oz can of InstaGONE™ Pro Quick Shot, just pay separate P&H.




Mattress Wedge Fills Gap and Improves Sleep

Mattress Wedge Sleep Better

Mattress Wedge As Seen On TV

Get a better nights sleep with Mattress Wedge and stop losing items between the gap of your mattress and head board. Have you ever woke up with a stiff neck only to realize your comfortable pillow had slipped off the bed? Fill that gap and get a better’s night sleep with this unique Mattress Wedge.

There are so many great features with this product. It can fit on any size bed and is machine washable. Stays cool in the summer time and insulates the colder winter months. It has a sturdy and light weight design. Made from a high density comfort foam. Comes with a pillow case and two storage pockets for each side. Since it is a double offer, you get two Mattress Wedges, 2 pillow cases and 4 storage pockets.

You are sure to love this product! It helps to keep your pillow on the bed where you want it. It can be used to close the gap between split beds. Your kids are sure to love it also. No more losing their toys and other items slipping down the dreaded gap at the top of the mattress.

Keep the pillows feeling comfortable under your head and not under your bed. Kids toys disappear into the open space between the bed and wall and you’re stuck digging in the cracks to find it all. Stop losing the remote, your cell phones, pillows and remote controls! It is a patented solution and an award winning, solution that closes the gap between the headboard or wall in any size bed.

Mattress Wedge is great for keeping toys safe, closing the gap between split beds and fits any size bed! Mattress Wedge also has side pockets for fast storage!

Buy Mattress Wedge Now!


Mattress Wedge Customer Service: 888-811-2033, Click for More Offer Details This offer is not available in stores.






Flex Shot Thick Rubber Adhesive Bonding Sealer

Flex Shot by the makers of Flex Seal

Flex Shot

• There is no waste and you can use it over and over again.
• So Easy To Use – Anyone Can Do It!
• Great For Crafts And Decorative Items!
• No Need For A Caulking Gun!
• No Running, No Dripping, No Mess!
• Gives You A Perfect Bead, Every Time!
• Expands And Contracts!
• Fills In Huge Cracks And Holes!

Flex Shot can create a perfect, smooth bead. You will not need to run your finger over the product after you’ve applied it. It is so easy to work with as you would with other sealants and caulk.

This bonding agent will adhere to most any surface. Works perfect on metal, glass, porcelain, tile,  fiberglass, stone, marble, fabric, wood, granite, stone, marble, fabric, upholstery, paper and just about any other type of surface that’s free of oil and grease.

The specially designed container delivers a single step application process. You do not need a caulking gun like with other caulking products. The sealer will not fade, dry, crack or yellow due to contact with your household cleaners.

Flex Shot can withstand real extreme temperatures, ranging from -76°F to 350°F. It comes in multiple colors to match most of your items. The colors it comes in are white, clear, almond and black. Obviously the clear color will match just about any item you are trying to seal.

Buy Flex Shot Now!

Order Flex Shot – Double Offer and Free Can of Flex Seal

Flex Shot Customer Service: 877-370-0632, Monday through Friday, 5:00am to 5:00pm PST. Click for More Offer Details This offer is not available in stores.



Bowflex M3 Max Trainer Exercise Machine

Bowflex Max Trainer the M3

Bowflex M3 Trainer

You can get all the burn on the Bowflex M3 streamlined trainer by Bowflex. The MAX Trainer M3 delivers the breakthrough 14-minute MAX Trainer workout and puts you in control.

Bowflex has priced the M3 Trainer at an affordable price so many people should be able to purchase it. You get speed and control resistance with jus a click of a dial. It fits in virtually every room of your home because of its slim footprint.

How would you like to see your burn as it’s happening?

No more guessing or surprises. With the MAX’ Trainer’s very unique burn rate display it puts you in control. It shows you exactly how many calories you’re burning every minute and shows the setting activity level targets throughout your workout. It is such an incredibly motivating tool that pushes you to work harder on every workout.

Burn Up to 2.5x the calories

The Max Trainer designers have really thought out how to get you the max  calorie burn while enjoying your workout as you see your progress as you do your fitness routine.

The M3 Max Trainer has 8 resistant levels so you can change up your workout to help meet your fitness goals and needs. The manual and max interval workout programs are sure to keep your workouts exciting. There is a heart rate monitor included with an included chest strap.

For your connivence there is a water bottle holder and a media shelf that can hold you tablet, mp3 player or a book.

Buy Bowflex M3 Trainer Now!

Buy The M3 Max Trainer at an Affordable Price through Bowflex

Bowflex Customer Service: (800) 605-3369, Hours: Mon – Fri: 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST, click here for more offer details


Infinity Lights Customizable Puzzle Light Art

Infinty Lights - Modern Lamp Shade

Infinity Puzzle Art

With Infinity Light Kits you can create your own one of a kind light art with endless possibilities. All the Infinity Light puzzle pieces are identical. The shapes are usually assembled with the front side of the pieces facing outwards. Take apart and rebuild whenever you want a change.

Infinity Light is the unique customizable light that allows you to create a ceiling shade, hanging fixture, or table lamp. You can choose from 15 different colors & shapes.

Did you know Infinity Lights are powered by a regular light bulb?

You can display the pieces on just about any surface. You can also slide them over one of your own existing lamps. They include a cord so you can also hang them. The Infinity Lights can be used indoors and also outdoors. Your next indoor party or outdoor barbecue you can add Infinity Lights for a more festive appearance. These lights are great for social events, birthday parties and weddings.

So what are other great features of the Infinity Light Kits?

They light puzzle pieces comes in 15 different colors and 15 different shapes. Obviously they are heat resistant, easy to clean and very easy to assemble.

Buy Infinity Lights Now!

Order The Infinity Light Kit - Get a Free Bonus a 16-Color Changing Led Bulb Remote Kit

Infinity Lights Customer Service: 855-602-7828, Click for More Offer Details, This offer is not available in stores.


Incandescent Light Bulbs



Scalp Med for Hair Growth – Stop Baldness

Scalp Med Grow Your Own Hair Back

Scalp Med Shampoo

Scalp Med is helping many win the battle against hair loss. Scalp Med has been proven to re-grow your hair and will keep it from falling out again for as long as you use it.

Scalp Med’s active ingredients have been proven to regrow hair in living hair follicles on the vertex or top of the scalp. It will also thicken and strengthen the hair all over your head including the remaining hairs of a receding hairline.

It has been known that baldness is related mainly to the genetic predisposition of one’s hair follicles on predetermined sections of the scalp. As we get older new hair can become weaker and thinner than the old hair. This cycle keeps repeating until eventually the follicle is unable to create new, growing hair, which leads to baldness.

Each individual experience is unique to what you can expect when you use Scalp Med.

In the first couple of months of using Scalpmed thinning should start to reverse. Some unhealthy hairs will start to thicken and some may shed as new healthier hairs grow in their place. Initial signs of new hair and healthy re-growth should become visible.

In the third and fourth months of using the hair care product you should see more visible hair regrowth in thinning areas. Thinning hair continues to thicken.

Now through the sixth and twelfth months hair will continue to grow fuller and thicker. You may achieve maximum regrowth after 12 months of continuous use. Most people see new hair growth for up to 12 months and will continue to maintain a healthy head of hair by continuos use.


Order The Scalp Med Special Online Offer

Scalp Med Customer Service: (800) 351-6648, Click for More Offer Details, SCALP MED INTRODUCTORY OFFER. Pay $29.95 plus shipping and processing for the first two month supply. There are no obligations, you can cancel at anytime. After the additional 60 days, do nothing and you will automatically be enrolled in the Scalp Med Loyalty Discount Program.


Fresh Sticks Forever Fragrant Odor Eliminators

Forever Fragrant Fresh Sticks

forever fragrant fresh sticks

With Fresh Sticks stop odors in your home for up to 2 years! Remove the odors caused by smokers, pets, cooking and more! Have your home smelling fresh and clean and don’t be embarrassed by stinky smells.

Joy Mangano’s Forever Fragrant Odor-Eliminating Sticks

Enjoy this unique fragrance of this product. There’s no blast from a spray can or messes from oily products. Its odor-eliminating formula means you won’t smell your pets or last night’s dinner.

So do away with the messy oils and very expensive air freshner spray cans. Neutralize odors for up to 2 years. The Fresh Sticks act like a sponge and absorb bad odors.

If you adjust the quantity of the Fresh Sticks you should achieve the fragrance level that meets your needs. More sticks provide a more intense experience and fewer sticks create a more subtle effect.

It is best to place Forever Fragrant sticks in an open area. The airflow around them allows the continuous release of fragrance while neutralizing the odors in your home. Forever Fragrant Fresh Sticks are a slow-releasing technology.
Forever Fragrant sticks effectively neutralize odors in a regular size bathroom, office, closet, pantry, mud room or other areas. If you have a larger room it is best to use 2 sets.  They are designed to work continuously for up to 2 years.



Forever Fragrant Fresh Sticks Customer Service: 855-668-1655, Click for More Offer Details, Receive a set of Fresh Sticks in your choice of Golden Vanilla, Cool Linen, and/or Apple Cinnamon for just $10.00 + S&H. Additionally, you may also add a special offer second set of Fresh Sticks and Hang-It in the same scent, as well as the $15 As Seen On TV Shopping card, for a separate fee of $6.99.



Thermal Aid Stuffed Animals Heating / Cooling Pads for Kids

Thermal Aid Zoo Animals 100% Natural


Thermal Aid Zoo Animals are natural heating and cooling stuffed animals for kids. Thermal-Aid packs helped kids to feel better when they are sick or have aches and pains.

They are a revolutionary, 100% natural therapeutic heating or cooling treatment packs. They have been specifically designed for the medical field, to reduce swelling and relieve pain.

These thermal packs help to reduce fever and to  relieve pain. Thermal-Aid Zoo Animals can be heated in the microwave and cooled in the freezer and are made from 100% natural cotton and a cooling/heating element composed of a specially engineered corn. Unlike other natural packs, these are hand washable, allowing you to use them repeatedly.

Here are a few conditions that these thermal stuffed animals can help with, back pain, muscle soreness, fever, sunburn, earaches, cramps, neck pain, headaches, sprains/strains, stomach aches and flu symptoms, bug bites, and growing pains.

To heat simply place in a clean microwave. Heat the Thermal-Aid Animal in the microwave for approximately 30 to 45 seconds. Heating time will vary depending on microwave wattage.

To cool it place the Thermal-Aid Zoo Animal inside of the freezer for approximately five hours. Then simply apply the product whenever a cool pack is needed.

The heating and cooling packs have been designed to inside plush zoo animals. They were made with children in mind. They are cuddly, soothing and washable!

Choose from Choose from an Elephant, Hippo, Koala, Monkey, Rabbit, Bear and Hippo.



Thermal Aid Zoo Customer Service: 866-612-0459, Click for More Offer DetailsBuy one Thermal Aid Character for only $14.95 + P&H and receive a second Thermal Aid Character FREE! Just pay separate P&H.




Richard Simmons’ Project Hope Get Results Effective Weight Loss

Richard Simmons’ Project Hope New Weight Loss System

Project HOPE could assist you burn up to 3X even more fats than with traditional cardio alone. Project HOPE is Richard Simmons’ newest and most effective weight loss workout program, 

Richard Simmons New Weight

Richard Simmons Project H.O.P.E. is a 90-Day system that includes progressive, FUN and inspiring exercises all designed to increase your calorie burn, tone muscle and help you create the toned body you have always wanted in simply 30 mins a day, or less!

Richard has been in your shoes and knows from experience just how hard it can be to lose weight. He has tried many weight loss system in the past, until he finally managed to lose the weight by following a more healthy diet and exercise routine.

He has put together a weightloss program called Project Hope. There is hope for you too to lose those extra pounds and start to feel good about yourself again.


It features 9 all-new workouts created to improve your body in just 90 days. It comes with the all new food mover and calories cards.

Richard Simmons Project Hope Customer Service: Phone 800-413-3838, Click for More Offer Details, Choose from the Deluxe Package or the Ultimate Edition.




Light Angel Motion Sensor Indoor Outdoor Light

Light Angel As Seen On TV

light angel as seen on tv

With light angel you can get light where you need it most. It is motion activated so it’s perfect when coming home late at night.

CHeck out this super cool motion activated stick up led light! It lasts up to 100,ooo hours. Now can your lights do that? It has a automatic motion sensor. When movement is near it the led light comes on. It’s cordless and ready to use.

The Light Angel is perfect for porches, decks, patios and even works great indoors inside your closets. Plus if the power goes out you have a backup light. The base rotates 360 degrees.

Going outside at night can  be scarier, especially when it’s pitch black out. It can also be a struggle to find your house key when returning home in the dark.

Introducing the Light Angel™, the easy-to-install, motion-detected, wireless outdoor light that lights your porch, front steps, patio, pool area and so much more. The LED-bright Light Angel™ has an automatic motion sensor, is cordless and ready for use in all weather conditions.



Light Angel Customer Service: Phone 855-668-1655, Click for More Offer Details, Buy one Light Angel for $12.99 plus Shipping and handling, and you’ll get the chance to add a special offer which includes a second Light Angel™ plus the Olde Brooklyn Lantern!


O2 Hurricane Air Powerful Canless Air Cleaning System

O2 Hurricane Industrial Unit Canless Air

The O2 Hurricane Air Cleaning System is extremely powerful. It is one of the best household cleaning gadgets since the vacuum cleaner. This cleaning system is great for those electrical items, fans, keyboard, curtains, mini blinds and so much more.


What else is so great about the Hurricane Air Cleaning System?

It blows a great blast of air at over 200MPH and can run for over 15 minutes straight. It recharges just as easy as your your cell phone. You can recharge your O2 Hurricane Powerful Industrial unit more than 500 times! It is simple ideal for cleaning car dashboards, plants, vents, blinds, small patio areas, furnace filters, book shelves, workshop space and is even helpful with starting wood fires! Plus it is safe and environmentally friendly.






Sift & Toss Mesh Litter Box Liner – Easy Cat Litter Removal

Sift & Toss Litter Box Liners

sift & toss

Sift & Toss is the easiest and fastest way to remove dirty kitty litter. Cleaning cat litter with Sift and Toss is easy as 1-2-3!

Cat pet owners are sure to love Sift & Toss. If you have a cat I bet you are tired of spilled litter on your floors. There is a solution to this problem it is Sift and Tosh Litter Liners.

This is a great invention for cat owners. Cleaning the litter box does not have to be a dreaded chore anymore. The clever mesh design lets clean litter filter through easily. The mesh liners are so quick and easy to use, just lift to sift and then toss. So much easier then scooping the old fashion way. The scent free bags and the kitty fresh pouch keep your litter box area odor free!


Sift & Toss Customer Service: Phone (262) 796-2003, Click for More Offer Details, For only $14.95 plus S&H you’ll receive one set of 14 Sift & Toss™ Litter Liners plus a FREE bonus set. You’ll also receive 50 Scent Free Bags, a Kitty Fresh Pouch and a Grooming Mitt FREE! Just pay an additional S&H. 



Stone Wave Ceramic Microwave Stoneware

Stone Wave Microwave Cooking Bowl As Seen On TV

stone wave cook in the microwave

The Stone Wave Microwave bowl is made from a ceramic non stick surface and has a stay cool to touch handle. If you like cooking in the microwave because of the time you save and easy clean up then this kitchen product is for you.

With the Stone Wave Stoneware make gourmet meals, yummy desserts, awesome tasting dips easily in the microwave. You will be pleased by the amounts of different foods you will be able to cook in the microwave with these ceramic bowls. Plus you can go right from the microwave to the table. Serve the food in the same pot you cooked it in. Using less bowls and plates mean less clean up time.

You will receive recipes with the Stone Wave and learn how to make an awesome tasting french onion soup, shrimp dish, banana dessert and the easiest fluffy scrambled eggs.


Stone Wave Customer Service: Phone 855-668-1659, Click for More Offer Details, Today they’ll send you the amazing Stone Wave™ with the FREE five minute recipe guide for just $10.00 plus shipping and handling. Plus,they are also making a very special offer to receive a second Stone Wave – just pay a small separate fee.

Great Kitchen Secrets Cleaning and Cooking Tips

Great Kitchen Secrets

great kitchen secrets as seen on tv

With the Greatest Kitchen Secrets learn how to make special recipes, how long food is good for in the refrigerator and so much more. Find out the best type of pan to use when grilling or frying. Chef Tony gives many tips in his new book to help make life easier for you in the kitchen. Also get the book Greatest Cleaning Secrets too!

The unique tips in both books will help you to save money and time. Learn secrets to help you be the best cook you can be. Learn tips your Grandma may have used in the past.

Have you ever messed up a recipe and had to throw it out? How about if you could find a way to save the recipe so you wouldn’t have to waste all that food. You could possibly learn how to save your recipes gone bad in the Greatest Kitchen Secrets. Get the most out of your food and avoid kitchen mistakes and disasters before they happen. Over 5,000 tips in the the books.


Greatest Kitchen Secrets Customer Service: Phone 855-668-1655, Click for Offer Details, You’ll get Great Kitchen Secrets for just $10 plus shipping and handling! As a SPECIAL offer today, you can also receive Great Cleaning Secrets for a separate fee of just $6.99.