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Easy View XT Flip Down Visor for Car

Easy View XT Flip Down Car Visor

The blinding sun can cause many problems when driving and get even result in serious car accidents. Protect your view from the blinding sun using the Easy View XT flip down visor. It is so convenient and easy to use.

Easy View XT is the clear polycarbonate attachment that has been advertised on television that has been specially tinted to diffuse glare and sunlight. You can now with this product safely and effectively reduce headlight glare at night and the blinding sun during the day. Enjoy the confidence and comfort that this automobile visor adds to your driving experience. See the incredible difference on how clearer your view appears.

Do you ever get headaches when driving from the bright sun? Have you been scared because you know the view is hampered by this? You flip down your current car visor but it still does not quite help. It is still hard to see in front of you. Get the XT Easy View visor and see clearer and feel more at ease when driving.

Install the car visor is quick and easy and no tools are needed. It fits on just about any visor and flips up for easy storage. Don’t let the blinding sun or on coming headlights impair your view. This is such a simple solution. So stop squinting to try and block out the sun, just flip down the visor and get a clear high definition type view.

The visor works great during the day and at night it helps to effectively and safely reduce headlight glare.




GripGo Car Mount for Phone and Safe Driving

GripGo – Works with any cell phone!


The GripGo makes it easy to quickly glance at your cell phone or gps. You can angle it so it is at the best viewing angle for you. No more stumbling to reach for your cell phone.

There are many devices on the market for handsfree driving. There are bluetooth devices and other gadgets with wires and or that need to be kept charged. Simplify your life by buy the grip go mount. So easy to install and can help to make driving safer for you.

This car mount instantly grabs hold of your gadget and also makes it easy for the mount to let go of it.

• Easily glance at your phone for safe driving
• Instantly grabs hold of your phone and keeps hold of it
• Instantly lets go when you grab it
• Leaves no sticky residue

GripGo car mount lets you position your phone anywhere on your windshield or dashboard! Works great on smartphones, tablets and gps gadgets.

GripGo Hands Free Automobile Phone Mount is easy to install and it securely holds your phone or GPS device without leaving a sticky mess.

If you want to keep your cell phone safe and secure while you are driving the GripGo is for you. With this online offer you can have one for yourself and give one as a gift!



Tread Ahead Dual Sided Grips – Traction for Tires

Tread Ahead Never Get Stuck Again

Tread Ahead gives your tires the much needed traction in an instant by gripping the snow or ice below and allowing you to move your vehicle forward to a safer spot.

No more messy salt, heavy bags of sand, shovels, tow trucks, or embarrassment! Simply wedge the Tread Ahead underneath the stuck tire and drive. Your car will safely grip the Tread Ahead and drive out of the slippery situation.

Never get stuck in deep snow, ice, or slush again with the Tread Ahead.

The patented dual-grip tread aheads designed grabs and locks into the ice on one side, giving your tire the traction it needs on the other.

Tread Ahead the no-slip dual-sided grips give car tires the total traction they need to speedily get out of slippery or sticky situations which may include snow, mud, and ice that would normally require shoveling, towing or help from others. Simply place beneath front of the stuck tire and go! Dual grip technology offers traction on top and a slip-resistant bottom.

The Tread Ahead is also an ice scraper! Safe for all windshield types and great for thick ice and heavy snow.

Works great on cars, SUVs, trucks, and more. Great for all types of ice, snow, and even mud.

Tread Ahead Product Features:

Easily gets your vehicle out of deep snow, mud, or ice
Patented dual grip system locks onto the slippery stuff quick
Fits in your trunk or back seat area
Doubles as an ice scraper too!
Works on all SUVs, trucks, and cars
Great gift idea


Wipe New Car Surface Restorer Automobile Showroom Shine

Wipe New Car Surface Restorer

Simply apply Wipe New once to keep your vehicle looking showroom new!


Results should last for years! Until now, keeping your car looking like new involved applying and reapplying costly silicone based products, wasting tons of money and valuable time for temporary cosmetic results. But now, with Wipe New, those days are over and you can restore the look of your automobile with ease!

It’s as simple as just applying Wipe New. Its nano-polymer formula penetrates deep and binds to the surface to restore showroom luster to faded, weathered surfaces and protect against the elements. Best of all, after one application, that’s it! The surface is protected with a showroom shine that should last for years! Wipe New is fast and very easy to apply.

You can use it on panels, bumpers, dashboards, rims, and more to return surfaces to showroom new glory with just one application! Your panels, bumpers, dashboards and rim will look brand new again after you use wipe away car restorer.

Wipe New Automobile Showroom Restore Kit Features:
Revolutionary product – uses Nano technology
Easy to use – easy to apply – only one wipe across the surface
Restores and protects
Versatility – many uses/surface applications

Saves time and money – only one application required. No need to buy those “other products”. One double size bottle is enough to do two cars. Get your vehicle looking showroom new.



Clever Grip Best Portable Smartphone Car Vent Mount

Clever Grip -The all new mobile phone clip with the extremely secure grip.

Clever Grip is one of the most portable mobile phone car vent mounts. Simply affix Clever Grip on any type of car air vent then attach your cellphone securely inside the spring loaded clip. It’s that easy. It keeps your mobile phone visible and close by when driving. Great for getting GPS directions, streaming songs, and receiving hands-free telephone calls.

Clever Grip

Mobile phones have become way more then phones. They are portable gps gadgets, music centers and alert systems. Most people like to have there phones near by for easy access. This is just what the Clever Grip does when you are driving. Avoiding drivers fumbling for their phones. Clever Grip keeps the mobile phone secure and close by.

It matches any-style air vent to hold your phone at a comfortable eye level without obstructing your vision of the road ahead of you. You could view your phone and also make hands-free phone calls or when you wish to stream your songs. The 360 level rotating head revolves for very easy browsing. It’s excellent for driving with gps.

It showcases a company grip that conforms to all vehicle vents, 360 level swivel activity, turns to utilize at any type of angle, encompass match most mobile phones. Works well with Blackberry, Apple iphone, Android, Windows mobile phones. Clever automobile mount for very easy phone accessibility.

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