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Amazing Thin Wallet | Wonder Wallet As Seen On TV

Wonder Wallet 

Super thin wallet that can hold up to 24 credit cards and cash. The wonder wallet is also a protective RFID blocker.

as seen on tv thin wallet

Wonder Wallet with RFID Technology

The super slim design fits nicely in pants pockets and also purses. The wonder wallet is made from genuine leather and has a RFID block that helps prevent fraud and theft. Go from the big, bulky wallet to a compact and thin style.

When the wallet is open, it presents all of the cards merely like a picture album offering for simple glancing and also simple accessibility. The distinct construction functions RFID security which helps prevent remote scanning cards, including an added layer of safety and security versus theft. The natural leather wallet is developed to hold up to 24 cards to consist of credit cards, motorist’s permit, gift cards, business cards as well as even more.

See everything at a glance because the unique patented design lays cards out just like a photo album. It is soft and supple to the touch made from leather that flexes making it comfortable to sit on, even when driving in the car. Don’t worry the RFID blocking protects private information and stops scanning of cards.

This wallet opens like a photo album and comes in many stylish colors. It is available in gray, blue, red, pink, tan and black. Which color will you choose?

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Wonder Wallet Special Online Offer Details:
Choose the Wonder Wallet™ in your choice of color for a special price of only $19.99 plus $5.99 p&h. Plus, as a bonus receive double the offer and get a second Wonder Wallet in the same color free, just pay the separate $5.99 p&h.


Jeaneez Skinny Jeans | Slimming Leggings

Jeaneez Slimming Leggings

Jeaneez As Seen On TV

With Jeaneez Leggings not only will you look great, but you will also be very comfortable. With Jeaneez you can dress up for a special event or dress down for just lounging around.

Why do people love Jeaneez?

It not only is extremely comfortable almost making you feel like you are wearing pjs, but the slimming leggings also give you a very nice fashion look.

So just how do these jegging type leggings give a slimmer look? This happens from the light compression spandex type material. You can look firm and slim instantly, just by putting them on. The design of the fabric also helps you to lose those love handles that tend to bother most woman.

Jeaneez jeans are super comfortable to wear anywhere. Dress them up or down. Lounge around the home wearing these jean leggings or dress them up with a nice top for a fancy restaurant.

Design will never twist, tangle or kink
Sleek and seamless design features no buttons or zippers

Jeaneez comes in three very fashionable designs and are extremely comfortable leggings. They have a 3d printed denim fabric look. No one will know or believe they are actually leggings and not the fabric of denim. So get the hot stylish fashion look of pricey jeans but the comfort of leggings.

Jeaneez the great combination jeans and leggings. They have the spandex type stretch, which can also give you the look of skinny jeans. You are sure to love these so much and be pleased that there are 3 great styles. Buy 1 pair of these leggings and get 2 free! How amazing is that?

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Shimmer Glitter Tattoos Body Art for Kids

Shimmer Glitter Tattoos Body Art for Kids

Shimmer Glitter Tattoos – Professional Body Art Shimmer

You’ve seen artists at theme parks and parties create bedazzling designs…Now you can create your own professional body art shimmer that shines bright, day & night! It takes only seconds – Just press on the stencil wherever you want to Shimmer. Brush on the patented adhesive shimmer glitter tattoos and dip the brush in the glitter, it takes no time to apply the design.

Place a subtle accent on ankles or wrists. Or be bold and beautiful and create Shimmer designs on backs, faces. Anywhere you desire!

Shimmer is the perfect addition to any birthday party. Kids love the fun designs. It’s so easy to apply, kids can create dozens of designs!

Throwing a slumber party? You and your best friends can create matching designs. Wear Shimmer to celebrate holidays. There’s a stencil for every occasion. Shimmer is the perfect accessory for a night out. Everyone can be a rock star with Shimmer!



Slim Ts for Men Tee Shirt Insta Slim Shapewear

Slim Ts Insta Slim Undergarment for Men

SlimTs garments for men are unnoticeable and make you look inches slimmer instantly. Made of special Spandex-blend fibers, SlimTs slims, supports and reshapes to help you look firmer, younger and well toned.

Insta Slim Shapewear for Men

SlimTs Garments

Features & Benefits

Made of special Spandex-blend fibers – not hot, not constricting!

Slims, supports & reshapes instantly

Look firmer, younger & well toned

Fits under any other garments


Look inches slimmer

No diets, exercise, pills or gym memberships

Sizes S-XL

Look slimmer thinner & younger instantly! Fits under clothes.




Strap Perfect Bra Strap Solution Concealer Clips

Strap Perfect – Bra Strap Solution

Strap Perfect Bra Clips conceal your bra straps. It is a tiny comfortable clip attachment that works by hugging any two bra straps together at the middle of your shoulder blades. Finally you can wear racerback tops, sports tops and criss-cross blouses without worrying about your bra straps showing.


Now you can stop struggling with stubborn bra straps And give your cleavage a firm, youthful lift thanks to the as seen on tv product Strap Perfect. It is the ultimate bra strap concealer! You’ll never risk another fashion faux pas with any bra strap again with Strap Perfect!

Again these clips are so easy to use just simply attach the clip to your two bra straps and move it up or down for the desire position. You’ll look and feel as though you had a lift. Strap Perfect is for women of all ages and sizes who want comfort. No more wrestling with tightening stubborn bra straps to lift and support your breasts. Stop those annoying falling bra straps!

The Benefits of Strap Perfect

  • Get A Beautiful Instant Boost To Your Silhouette
  • Custom Fit That Flatters You in Any Outfit
  • Wear Under Dresses, Sweaters, Blouses or T-Shirts
  • Give Your Cleavage A Firm, Youthful Lift

Once more these clips are so simple to utilize just simply attach the clip to your 2 bra straps and move it up or down for the desire position. You’ll look and feel as though you had a lift. Strap Perfect is for women of all ages and sizes that wish comfort. No even more battling with tightening up persistent bra straps to lift and sustain your busts. Quit those irritating dropping bra straps!



Bra Straps


The Snuggie Blanket With Sleeves – Soft Fleece Fashion Gown

Snuggie Blanket

Snuggie Blanket

The all popular Snuggie. The blanket with sleeves that has been the rage of many the past few years. Join the snuggie revolution culture. Stay warm while watching tv, reading, sewing or making your favorite snack.

Use the remote and surf through the channels on your tv, use your laptop, or do some reading in a ultra super soft fleece blanket with sleeves! The snuggies seen on tv commercials is a one-size fits all blanket with sleeves that keeps you warm and makes for a great gift, so share the warmth.

Get a super-slim, totally portable Book Light that clips on to a book with each  blanket you order absolutely FREE!

While wearing the snuggie sleeves blanket you can save money. You will be able to lower the heat and still stay nice and warm.

The Official Snuggie blanket can keep you toasty warm and cozy all winter long. Lower your heating bill and keep your hands free while you snuggle on the couch, talk on the phone, read a book or use your laptop. Make a fashion statement and wear a Snuggie, the Blanket with Sleeves!

Buy a Snuggie blanket for your next outdoor event, or use it to keep warm around the house while you save money all year round. Don’t accept cheap Snuggie blanket imitations.

This snuggle blanket comes in sizes for women, men and children and is available in three colors, burgundy, royal blue and sage green.

Disney Princess Dresses Royal Beautiful Gowns

Disney Princess Gowns – A Gown for Every Little Princess

As Seen On TV Disney Princess — Let the Princess Fantasy Begin with Royal Beautiful Gowns!

The Disney Princess Dress Up Gowns whether it be Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Cinderalla, Ariel, Tiana, Rapunzel and Snow White would be a perfect costume for Halloween this season.

There is a gown for every Little Princess! Upgrade to The Royal Collection and get the gown, a wand, a purse, slippers and a tiara.

As Seen On TV Disney Princess — Let the Princess Fantasy Begin with Royal Beautiful Gowns

The Disney Princess Gowns are so beautiful and your child is sure to feel like a princess when wearing one of them. Your child can dress up as Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Cinderalla, Ariel, Tiana, Rapunzel and Snow White.

Watch your child wear one on these costumes and create their own once upon a time story! These Disney Gowns are great for special parties, Halloween Costumes and for dress up.

Which princess dress do you think your little girl wants to dress up as? Princess Aurora is blessed with great beauty and the gift of song. Princess Belle has big dreams and yearns for adventure. Princess Ariel knows what she wants and is determined to follow her dreams. Princess Rapunzel is known for her golden locks of long hair.



Ahh Bra Comfortable Undergarment Shapewear

Ahh Bra – As Seen On TV

The Ahh Bra without wires, hooks or adjusting straps. Discover what a comfortable bra, that looks great and feels great.

Discover comfort, discover great looks. Ahh Bra’s breakthrough technology does away with wires, hooks and adjusting straps. Ahh Bra instantly transforms your appearance. You look great, no more bra lines, no more bulges. Just a great and comfortable look.

The active woman in you can now breathe a sigh of relief with the Ahh Bra by Rhonda Shear. Make no mistake… they are as comfortable as they appear.

Ahh Bra Features:

Seamless microfiber pullover
V neck, wide shoulder straps
Soft, full-coverage cups
Center ruching for bust shaping
Ribbed band for comfort and support
96% nylon, 4% spandex
Machine washable, tumble dry
Close-fitted: Follows your curves

Rhonda Shear is a comedienne and star of TV’s Up All Night Pajama Party offers pretty and supportive shapewear for the curvaceous woman. Her shapewear pieces including the Ahh Bra are designed to give you a smooth appearance while helping lift, control and support problem areas such as the tummy, thighs, bust and buttocks for hours. Lightweight, comfortable bras, panties, hosiery and more can be worm under almost anything to give you a slenderized look.

The active woman in you can now breathe a sigh of relief with the Ahh Bra by Rhonda Shear. Make no mistake, they are as comfortable as it gets for this type of undergarment.


Customer Service Ahh Bras phone: 877-814-2743, Click for Offer Details, 3 Ahh Bras only $59.99 plus s&h, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee



Wonder Hangers Triple Space Saver – Organize Closet

Wonder Hangers Space Saving Amazing Hangers

With the Wonder Hanger no more wrinkled clothes! Make sorting apparel simple! Simply hang on closet rod, hang clothes hangers on the allotted slots, and drop one end to maximize closet storage.

The Wonder Hanger® holds up to 5 garments on each one, making organizing your closet easier than ever before. Bid farewell to the days of cramped closet space and wrinkled clothing! The incredible Wonder Hanger® makes your life smoother and more efficient just one garment at a time!

Your closets will be more organized and you will find your clothing much easier.

• Fits All Kinds of Hangers
• Easy to Hang and Release Clothes
• Use It for Purses, Belts, Ties & Scarves Too
• Great for Dorm Rooms & Apartments

No more wrinkled clothes, makes sorting very simple! Say goodbye to the days of cramped closet space and wrinkled clothing!  The incredible Wonder Hanger® makes your life much more smoother and more efficient just one garment at a time!

The Wonder Hanger can really triple your closet storage space by allowing you to hang up to five articles of clothing wrinkle-free on one single hanger. The easy “on and off” design allows each hanger to rest on a closet rod horizontally or drop down vertically to maximize storage and free up space. The hangers won’t bend or sag and are strong enough to hold five winter coats! These amazing space saver hangers are ideal for apartments, dorms and older houses with limited closet space. Organize clothes, belts, purses and accessories too.


Trendy Top Fashion Wrap

Trendy Top

The Trendy Top provides a sleek and slender look without added the bulkiness. This specially designed tee shirt wrap keeps proportions in place and prevents exposing skin when you bend, reach or sit.


Trendy Top wrap gives you the trendy layered look with no extra bulk. You do not need to worry about peekaboo panties anymore. Easy to put on, natural cotton blend fabric.

Trendy Top The Top That Is Not! It stays in place all day keeping you covered when you bend down or bend over. It is perfect for low rise jeans. It gives you just another extra coverage below your top.


Kymaro New Body Shaper Take Off Inches

Kymaro New Body Shaper Take Off Inches

The Kymaro New Body Shaper is the fastest and safest way to take off inches in all the important places where we can’t seem to lose the weight. Body-hugging shape-wear curves your body in all the right places.

Instantly take off inches where it counts.

Get a Slender Figure Instantly!

Get the Curves You Want In an Instant!

Take off Inches Where It Counts

The Clothes To Get You Lean and Slender!

The Kymaro Body Shaper is the fastest and safest way to take off inches in all the important places where we can’t seem to lose the weight. Plus, these amazing undergarments smooth out the rolls and bulges, giving the simple look of a sleek and slender body.

Body Shapers

Pawggles Fun Furry Stuffed Animal Slippers

Pawggles – The Fun Furry Friend that Turns into Cozy Slippers for Kids!

The magical world of pawggles are the fun furry pet that fits on your feet. Fun and comfy stuffed animal slippers.

Welcome to the magical world of Pawggles, cute cuddly friends with a secret surprise. They pop open and flip into slippers! These fun slippers are adorable, fun, furry friends that like magic, can fit on your feet! From cute little kitty, to adorable slipper. From lucky little unicorn, to magical slipper. A funny furry dinosaur that fits on your feet.

Pawggles are furry animal friends that magically pop into cute, fun slippers. Create instant, cozy, comfortable footwear from plush companions with one quick adjustment. Each animal slipper is carefully double stitched with non-slip soles. Pawggles are also machine washable so you can throw them in with the rest of your wash and not have to worry about any special wash instructions.

Pawggles Features:
Soft and comfy animal friends that magically pop into slippers Perfect for many ages, children, teens and college students
Double stitched, machine washable.
Come in in youth and adult sizes
Fun, cute and whimsical.
No struggle to get kids to wear them inside
Non-slip bottom soles

They’re Pawggles which are Paws & Giggles, Giggles & Paws…that’s Pawggles!

There’s kitties, puppies, unicorns, teddy bears, and dinosaurs. Pick your favorite or collect them all!

Pawggles are soft, comfy, double stitched, machine washable, have non-slip soles and are available in children’s sizes.




Slippers for Kids