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Cize Beachbody Shaun T’s Best Dance Work Out

Cize Shaun T’s Newest Beachbody Dance Workout

Cize Dancing Workout

Working out with Shaun T exercising to his all new dance fitness program Cize will help you to drop the pounds all while having fun.

Try the 4 week CIZE down!

Neglect everything you dread regarding exercises. Due to the fact that beginning today, exercize isn’t something you need to do, it’s something you’ll want to do.

Beachbody is about to show you how you can dance your method to suit simply 4 weeks! Let loose as you find out the best expertly choreographed dance regimens. You will certainly be so focused on understanding the steps and having a total blast, you will neglect you are in fact working out– and also reducing weight!

Equally as you might not master a full push-up or pull-up on your first try, this will be a difficulty. This is not one of those dance-lite workouts where you merely shuffle your feet to the beat. Shaun T and also his staff bring dance studio to you to show you real choreographed dance programs.

However the program breaks down moves detailed, as you go, so you can learn them, duplicate them until you fit, put a sequence with each other, after that bust out a full routine to songs from the CIZE playlist! You will certainly be totally surprised at just how great you do as well as exactly how good you feel!


When you CIZE It Up, you’re learning from the very best! In addition to being an expert dancer and choreographer, Shaun T is very well known as a celebrity instructor and also the designer of a few of greatest breakthroughs in health and fitness, consisting of INSANITY as well as FOCUS T25 which helped countless individuals enter the best form of their lives. His ability to show, motivate, as well as inspire is off the charts!

Shaun T’s substantial dance background spans decades, from efficiencies in leading Broadway musicals, films, and TV, to touring with significant pop artists like Mariah Carey!

With CIZE, he draws from his strong dance and also health and fitness roots to make learning to dance and getting in shape an electrifying experience– that does not seem like an exercise!

Tired of your exercise? It’s time to WORK IT!

Do not call it exercise. However it being dance this method can actually designed is hard work. The more you follow it, the more you’ll get out of it. Carrying out these pulse-pounding, exhilarating programs is severe cardio conditioning, core fortifying, and also total muscle mass toning– at one time.

Buy CIZE Dance Routine

Try the 4 week CIZE down!

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your results within 30 days, simply call Beachbody Customer Service for a Return Authorization number to return the program for a full refund of the purchase price, less s&h—no questions asked.



Be Active Pressure Brace for Sciatic Back Pain

Be Active Leg Brace – Point Specific Pressure Brace


Beactive Leg Brace As Seen On TV

Beactive is the popular point specific acupressure brace that has been seen on tv to assist in getting fast effective relief from sciatica back nerve pain. 

The sciatic nerve pain can start at the spine and go all the way down to your feet. When the nerve gets irritated or pinched, you might experience tingling, numbness or a burning sensation. Sciatic back pain can make it extremely painful to be active or just trying to sit down or get up from a chair.

The Beactive Brace can provide relief by using acupressure just below the knee. This patent pending acupressure pad in the brace will apply tartgeted pressure to just the right spot to help provide instant sciatic relief. It is very eay to put on.

You can wear it on either your right or left leg to stop the sciatica pain. It can be worn under your clothing to keep it discreet and no one would know you are wearing it. It stays firmly in place even while you are exercising. It helps to relieve both long term and short term sciatic pain in your back.

The pressure barce is so easy to put on. You want to place it just below the knee on either leg. Get back to your favorite activities pain free. Get back to playing golf, riding your bike, going for a jog or taking a stroll in the park. It relieves tension up the sciatic nerve because of the firm trigger point of acupressure.

You will be given the opportunity to upgrade to the premium Be Active version which is made with more durable fabric and is breathable for a small fee.

Buy Be Active Brace

Buy Be Active Pressure Brace


Customer Service  Phone: 800-340-3418  Offer Details: Buy one patented BeActive™ Brace for $19.99 plus P&H and get a second one FREE, just pay separate P&H. Upgrade to the Premium version for just an additional $10.00 per brace. That is 2 Premium braces for one low price of $55.89. Fits 12.'” – 18″ Calf Size.





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Thermal Aid Stuffed Animals Heating / Cooling Pads for Kids

Thermal Aid Zoo Animals 100% Natural

Thermal Aid Zoo

Thermal Aid Zoo Animals are natural heating and cooling stuffed animals for kids.


Thermal-Aid heating and cooling packs helped kids to feel better when they are sick or have aches and pains.

They are a revolutionary, 100% natural therapeutic heating or cooling treatment packs. They have been specifically designed for the medical field, to reduce swelling and relieve pain.

These thermal packs help to reduce fever and to  relieve pain. Thermal-Aid Zoo Animals can be heated in the microwave and cooled in the freezer and are made from 100% natural cotton and a cooling/heating element composed of a specially engineered corn. Unlike other natural packs, these are hand washable, allowing you to use them repeatedly.

Here are a few conditions that these thermal stuffed animals can help with, back pain, muscle soreness, fever, sunburn, earaches, cramps, neck pain, headaches, sprains/strains, stomach aches and flu symptoms, bug bites, and growing pains.

To heat simply place in a clean microwave. Heat the Thermal-Aid Animal in the microwave for approximately 30 to 45 seconds. Heating time will vary depending on microwave wattage.

To cool it place the Thermal-Aid Zoo Animal inside of the freezer for approximately five hours. Then simply apply the product whenever a cool pack is needed.

The heating and cooling packs have been designed to inside plush zoo animals. They were made with children in mind. They are cuddly, soothing and washable!

Choose from Choose from an Elephant, Hippo, Koala, Monkey, Rabbit, Bear and Hippo.

Thermal Aid Zoo Heating and Cooling Packs



Forever Comfy Pillow Back and Seat Gel Cushion

Forever Comfy Seat Cushion As Seen On TV

The Forever Comfy combination cushion with a washable soft fleece cover.

Sitting in a chair for long periods of time not only makes your lower back ache, it can leave you with a sore bottom too! Plus the added discomfort of long trips in your vehicle and hours of work in front of a computer and you’ve got a powerful mix of discomfort.

The problem isn’t the way you’re sitting, but the cushioning! But now there’s Forever Comfy, the gel cushion support for your back and your bottom. A combination cushion which eliminates any discomfort from siting on hard or poorly cushioned surfaces.

Forever Comfy Product Features:

Instantly lessens the discomfort caused by hard, poorly cushioned surfaces
Provides a supple layer of support between you and your seat
Soothing for those who spend most or all of the day sitting
Lightweight, portable, and washable

The therapeutic comfort gel which is surrounded by high density foam helps gives you a supple layer of support between you and your seat. Forever Comfy evenly distributes your weight easily eliminating stress put on your muscles and joints in any chair
Gel-filled core for an extra layer of support. Take it anywhere! Inner therapeutic comfort gel.

Bring the Forever Comfy with you anywhere. At home, the car, office, church, concerts and sporting events, and more! The incredible comfy gel cushion.

Back and Seat Gel Cushions

Hurrycane All Terrain Pivoting Walking Cane

The Hurrycane As Seen On TV

What’s the difference between the canes of today and those from 2000 years ago? Not much. So we asked ourselves, “In today’s age of technology and science, can’t we come up with a better cane?”

And that’s exactly what we set out to do. We studied the physics of physiology and the science of stability. We looked at prosthetic limbs, robotics and emerging materials. We talked to family, friends and experts about the challenges of limited mobility.

Hundreds of designs later, we had the HurryCane walking cane. It pivots without you having to think about it. It tackles sand, gravel and snow better than traditional canes. And it stands upright, when you need to use your hands for something other than, well, holding a cane. Doctors recommend the Hurrycane. It has been inspired by human movement. First cane to mimic natural movement.

The walking cane that pivots. Most canes are fine for standing. But what about when you’re getting up from a chair, getting out of a car and climbing up stairs? Traditional canes just weren’t designed for it. But the very first time you use a HurryCane, you realize how delightfully different it is. That’s because we built it from the ground up to feel like an extension of the body. And that’s why people everywhere are loving it.

Just like the human foot, the HurryCane gives you 3 points of contact for superior balance and stability. It naturally simulates your instinctive walking motion to provide you firm footing on any surface. Whether you’re sitting or standing, the StabilStep™ base gives you more traction at any angle.

With the HurryCane’s Never Slip Pivoting Head you are able to maintain a point of contact with the cane at all times. Most importantly, the cane is able to maintain constant, full-capacity contact with the ground, providing you full time support at ANY ANGLE. With the HurryCane you can finally sit down, get up and even lean, and never have to worry about your cane sliding out in front, back or to the side of you ever again!

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Order the Hurricane




Jillian 90 Day Body Revolution Program – Jillian Michaels Revolution

Jillian’s Body Revolution

The Jillian Michaels Body Revolution program is one of Jillian’s most comprehensive extreme weight loss system yet!  Jillian is well known from her time as a fitness trainer on The Biggest Loser TV Show.

Transform Your Body in 90 Days – with Jillian Michaels Revolution

The program consists of some of the smartest, top cutting edge workouts that Jillian has ever put out on DVD, plus she added her scientifically proven state-of-the-art diet weight loss plan.

The brand new Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. Jillian’s first complete comprehensive extreme weight loss system. Be prepared to push the envelope and challenge yourself to lose the weight and get in the best shape of your life with Jillian’s support. Jillian’s has been helping people transform their body and change their lives for over 20 years. Train with Americas toughest trainer and let her help you too. It’s your turn to join the revolution and see the results you’ve always dreamed of and wanted.

Jillian Michaels Revolution has one main goal and that is to maximize people’s diet and fitness potential so they can achieve dramatic results at an accelerated pace. Jillian delivers a complete set of compact,  extremly effective 30-minute workouts plus a healthy eating plan that will enable you to transform your entire body in just 90 days.


MSA 30X Rechargeable Sound Amplifier Hearing Aid

MSA 30 X Hearing Aid – Sound Amplifier

The MSA 30X sound amplifier is lightweight, very comfortable and rechargeable.

MSA30X Sound Amplifier Features:

Lightweight & comfortable – only 0.3 ounces!
Small size is barely visible
Rechargeable – no more batteries!
Fits right or left ear
Adjustable volume control
FDA Listed

A hearing aid is an electroacoustic device which typically fits in or behind the wearer’s ear, and is designed to amplify and modulate sound for the wearer.

The MSA 30X is the premier lightweight, comfortable, and rechargeable hearing amplification devices. This sound amplifiers small size makes it barely visible in your ear and it is fully rechargeable, no batteries needed like other hearing devices!

Do you have hearing problems? Have you had a hearing test and found that you may be hearing impaired? Don’t be embarrassed by large, unsightly amplifiers. MSA30X is a discrete sound amplifier that is lightweight and comfortable. The clear tubing of MSA 30X™ fits the contour of the ear making it almost invisible. Enjoy a movie or show without missing a word, have conversations with friends in a crowded restaurant without struggling to hear them all while being confident in your appearance. The MSA 30X™ discrete hearing aid is so small it’s barely visible!

You won’t have to ask people to repeat their conversations with you. With MSA 30X you should be able to hear them the first time.




30 Second Smile Whiter Teeth In 30 Seconds

30 Second Smile Whitening System

Get Sparkling Brighter Teeth In Just 30 Seconds. The 30 Second Smile toothbrush uses 6 microbrush heads that surround your teeth in soft bristles automatically cleaning the top, bottom, front, back and biting surfaces, all at the same time for the perfect cleaning every time.


Just in time for back to school. Get sparkling brighter teeth with the 30 Second Smile Whitening System.

30 Second Smile is ideal for any member of the family – young children, teens, college students, Mom, Dad and Grandparents. Oral care is a vital part of our overall health.

The Ultimate in Teeth Care

The 30 Second Smile™ toothbrush uses 6 microbrush heads that surround your teeth in soft bristles automatically cleaning the top, bottom, front, back and biting surfaces, all at the same time for the perfect cleaning every time.

That’s why brushing only 30 seconds is like brushing 3 minutes with a single headed toothbrush.

Get perfect results each and every time with the 30 Second Smile system you get a precise cleaning each and every time. All you do is bite and guide! The 30 Second Smile toothbrush automatically brushes your teeth by using the preferred method recommended by dentists and periodontists. This method is known as the Bass brushing technique. And, its patented “can’t make a mistake” design automatically positions the bristles at the perfect 45 degree angle for powering away dangerous plaque, massaging your gums and helping save your teeth.

Electro Foot Electric Massager Improve Circulation, Relieve Sore Feet

Electrofoot Massager – Helps To Improve Circulation and Release Tension

electro foot massager

Electro foot Massager can improve circulation to relieve aches, pains and swelling. No need to live with sore feet any longer.

The Electric foot Massager provides a safe and stable flow of low frequency electro-waves that target vital reflex points on the soles of your feet and muscles in your lower legs. Leave no muscle tired or sore with the Electrofoot Massager.

The Electrofoot Massager boasts a far infrared electric foot massage function to make your 25 minute treatment even more enjoyable. Easy to use with an integrated carry handle, a timer setting with automatic off, 10 preset programs with 40 levels per program. Use with batteries or plug it in – the included AC adapter works in any standard wall socket.

Electro foot Massager is the electric foot massager that will help improve your circulation, relieve aches and pains and release your tension. This infrared foot massager operates off of an outlet or you can choose to use batteries. There are 10 preset programs with 40 different levels of foot massages per program. There is no more reasons to live with pain, give the electrofoot massager a try!

A safe and stable flow of low frequency electro-waves target vital reflex points on the soles of your feet and muscles in your lower legs replicating techniques used by professional reflexologists & acupuncturists. This stimulates reflex zones, nerves, pressure points, muscles and capillaries… leaving no tired muscles untouched.

Check out the 30 day trial and relive yourself of soar achy feet onec and for all.


ZQuiet Stop Snoring Eliminate Snoring Issues

ZQuiet Stop Snoring Tonight

Don’t spend another night suffering!, Get a better nights sleep, Don’t wake up tired! Works fast you can stop snoring tonight!, Get a better night’s sleep with Zquiet! Zquiet is proven to helpful for many people! ZQuiet is designed for both maximum comfort and effectiveness.

Don’t spend another night suffering and keeping others awake with your snoring.

Soft rubber texture for optimal comfort
Revolutionary technology to enable mouth to move freely
Works immediately – out of the package and in your mouth!

Why does Zquiet help to stop snoring?

Snoring noise is caused by the vibration of tissues in the back of the throat. To naturally widen that airspace and help to eliminate snoring. And for your peace of mind, ZQuiet is cleared by the FDA to treat snoring, so you can rest assured that it is safe and effective. Save money don’t go to the dentist to stop snoring try Zquiet so you and your loved one can get a good nights sleep!

We are so confident that you will see immediate results with ZQuiet – that we let you try it for yourself for 30 days before you have to pay for it!

ZQuiet Online Special Offer 30 Day Trial

LifeStrength Bracelet The Vitamin You Wear

LifeStrength Bracelet The Vitamin You Wear

LifeStrength – Restore your body back to its natural state. LifeStrength bands produce a negative ion factor up to 25 times greater than those of other negative ion bracelets and have been made to withstand the harshest of elements.


Made of Ion Infused Silicone

Wake Up Refreshed

Increased Energy

Feel Better

Reduce Stress


Water Proof

24 Hour a Day Wearability


LifeStrength™ products emit a high level of “Anions”. Anions are also known as negative ions. Anions are naturally occurring, charged molecules that are constantly circulating in the environment around us. Anions are found abundantly in certain environments like waterfalls, beaches and forests. Anions can be absorbed through our skin or inhaled.

LifeStrength Bracelet can restore your body back to its natural state. 

The Ion Health Technology built into LIFESTRENGTH products is an active technology that produces anions for up to 5 years. However, to get beneficial levels of anions the optimal life of our products is 3 years.

LifeStrength Bracelet Special Online Offer

Walkfit Shoe Inserts

Walkfit Shoe Inserts

Relieve your foot pain with WalkFit Platinum

Over 5 million people felt relief with WalkFit Shoe inserts

Get back on your feet with Walk Fit orthodontics- Guaranteed!

WalkFit cushions your feet for ultimate comfort!

WalkFit technology relieved foot pain in 90% of users.

Advanced cushioning and shock absorption with Walk Fit

No other orthotic offers you the comfort and guarantee of WalkFit

Relieve foot pain today

Relieve foot pain with WalkFit Platinum Orthotics

Realign your feet, realign your life

Walk-fit cups the foot with durable support to relieve discomfort! Distributes your weight evenly across your foot to help prevent collapsing, pressure points, stress and rubbing. This reduces painful burning, bunions, corns, and calluses.

It also eases impact by evenly distributing the force of each step! Flexes and cushions to help absorb destructive shock waves from traveling up through your entire body every time your foot hits the ground!

NEW! Cushions your heel for ultimate comfort! A cushioning gel pad in the heel provides extra shock absorption and comfort.

NEW! Kills germs and odors! Advanced Nanosilver antibacterial technology kills germs and odors as you walk. Your feet, shoes and orthotics stay fresh all day, everyday!

No other orthotic offers you this custom comfort feature! 3 sets of customizable arch inserts allow you to decide which feels perfect for you.