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Battle Balloons with Color Burst Best Way to Fill Water Balloons

Battle Balloons – Bonanza of Water Balloons

Balloon Bonanza is the brand-new method to close and fill water balloons in merely seconds! Seal and also fill 40 water balloons very quickly.

Battle Balloons has to be the easiest and quickest way to fill balloons with water. So get ready for the most amazing experience to occur in water balloon fights history! Balloon Bonanza allows you load 40 balloons at one time in simply seconds!


Prepared yourself for the most fun and amazing water balloon battles! Battle Balloons takes the hassle of filling up balloons and then tying them. Forget the old fashion way of filling balloons one at time. All you need to do is attached this toy tool to our garden hose, and watch as 40 balloons fill up quickly with water and before you know it the battle is on.

Water balloons are usually very thin so they can easily stretch. They are normally utilized by youngsters, who throw them at each other, aiming to get each other wet or used by adults as a practical joke. By forcing water out the open end of a water balloon, it is feasible to utilize it as a makeshift water gun.

So attach a Balloon toy gadget to your outdoor hose, turn on the water and watch as the balloons expand to the ideal dimension. Keep a bucket underneath and watch as the water balloons fall off all tied! These water balloons are so easy making, you’ll be ready for a back yard family members duel in secs!

These water balloons are so simple to make, you’ll await a backyard family members battle in merely seconds!



Thermal Aid Stuffed Animals Heating / Cooling Pads for Kids

Thermal Aid Zoo Animals 100% Natural

Thermal Aid Zoo

Thermal Aid Zoo Animals are natural heating and cooling stuffed animals for kids.


Thermal-Aid heating and cooling packs helped kids to feel better when they are sick or have aches and pains.

They are a revolutionary, 100% natural therapeutic heating or cooling treatment packs. They have been specifically designed for the medical field, to reduce swelling and relieve pain.

These thermal packs help to reduce fever and to  relieve pain. Thermal-Aid Zoo Animals can be heated in the microwave and cooled in the freezer and are made from 100% natural cotton and a cooling/heating element composed of a specially engineered corn. Unlike other natural packs, these are hand washable, allowing you to use them repeatedly.

Here are a few conditions that these thermal stuffed animals can help with, back pain, muscle soreness, fever, sunburn, earaches, cramps, neck pain, headaches, sprains/strains, stomach aches and flu symptoms, bug bites, and growing pains.

To heat simply place in a clean microwave. Heat the Thermal-Aid Animal in the microwave for approximately 30 to 45 seconds. Heating time will vary depending on microwave wattage.

To cool it place the Thermal-Aid Zoo Animal inside of the freezer for approximately five hours. Then simply apply the product whenever a cool pack is needed.

The heating and cooling packs have been designed to inside plush zoo animals. They were made with children in mind. They are cuddly, soothing and washable!

Choose from Choose from an Elephant, Hippo, Koala, Monkey, Rabbit, Bear and Hippo.

Thermal Aid Zoo Heating and Cooling Packs



Baby Bottle Cuddler Stuffed Animal Bottle Holder

Bottle Cuddler is a Baby’s Best Friend.

Your baby will not wanna leave home without it. Bottle Cuddler Holder makes feeding easier for parents and enjoyable for Baby’s. This style Bottle Cuddler fits your basic baby bottle. LOOK for their new line of Bottle Cuddler that fit most baby bottles and sipper cup sizes at stores and TV.

The bottle cuddlier is a lovable huggable unique one of a kind toy which combines toy and bottle into one.

The Bottle Cuddler Bottle Holder for Infants and Toddlers

Theses stuffed animal bottle cuddles are so cute. Choose from a bear cuddler, cow cuddler, monkey cuddler or pig cuddler. If you can’t decide and love them all then buy the package deal, get them all.

The bottle cuddler is so easy to clean just throw it in the wash. The Bottle Cuddler is a baby’s / toddler’s best friend. It is a very unique one of a kind toy which combines toy and bottle into one. Everyone will love the bottle cuddler. It is super soft, washable and huggable.

So many great features for this stuffed animal bottle cuddler. Give the bear cuddler as a baby shower gift. Give the cow cuddler when a child is born. Give the monkey cuddler as a birthday gift. Give the pig cuddler as Christmas gift. Choose which cuddler you like best and you decide which one to give to that special baby or toddler in your life. The cuddler helps to keep the baby’s hands dry and bottle warm. It also holds many types of zippy cups.

The bottle cuddler should make your child feel comfortable as they hug them and helps to make nap time a pleasant experience. Your baby may sleep with the stuffed animal bottle cuddler and take it for ride with them in their stroller.

The Snuggie Blanket With Sleeves – Soft Fleece Fashion Gown

Snuggie Blanket

Snuggie Blanket

The all popular Snuggie. The blanket with sleeves that has been the rage of many the past few years. Join the snuggie revolution culture. Stay warm while watching tv, reading, sewing or making your favorite snack.

Use the remote and surf through the channels on your tv, use your laptop, or do some reading in a ultra super soft fleece blanket with sleeves! The snuggies seen on tv commercials is a one-size fits all blanket with sleeves that keeps you warm and makes for a great gift, so share the warmth.

Get a super-slim, totally portable Book Light that clips on to a book with each  blanket you order absolutely FREE!

While wearing the snuggie sleeves blanket you can save money. You will be able to lower the heat and still stay nice and warm.

The Official Snuggie blanket can keep you toasty warm and cozy all winter long. Lower your heating bill and keep your hands free while you snuggle on the couch, talk on the phone, read a book or use your laptop. Make a fashion statement and wear a Snuggie, the Blanket with Sleeves!

Buy a Snuggie blanket for your next outdoor event, or use it to keep warm around the house while you save money all year round. Don’t accept cheap Snuggie blanket imitations.

This snuggle blanket comes in sizes for women, men and children and is available in three colors, burgundy, royal blue and sage green.

Airman Flying Remote Control Super Hero

Airman RC Super Hero Airplane

airman remote control

The Airman is super fun to play with. It’s a plane, it’s a bird, no wait it’s Super Hero Airman! Kids and adults will have hours of fun playing with this remote control airplane.

Airman is the new remote controlled aviation toy that makes flying more fun than ever before! Available in four colors: Radical Red, Bombastic Blue, Outrageous Orange, and Electric Yellow.


Super easy to fly even for a beginner
200 foot range
No assembly required (Ready to fly right out of the box)
Powerful twin propellers
On board rechargeable lithium battery
Recharge Airman right from the transmitter
Have “Air Wars” with your friends
No assembly required (Ready to fly right out of the box)

Look up in the sky it’s airman, The all new super hero in the sky. Super easy to fly even for a beginner. It has a 200 foot range. It is has real rc airplane controls. You control the throttle, left, right and alltitude. It has powerful twin propellers. Airman is the perfect gift for kids of all ages. It comes ready to fly right out of the box. Comes with rechargeable battery.

Disney Princess Dresses Royal Beautiful Gowns

Disney Princess Gowns – A Gown for Every Little Princess

As Seen On TV Disney Princess — Let the Princess Fantasy Begin with Royal Beautiful Gowns!

The Disney Princess Dress Up Gowns whether it be Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Cinderalla, Ariel, Tiana, Rapunzel and Snow White would be a perfect costume for Halloween this season.

There is a gown for every Little Princess! Upgrade to The Royal Collection and get the gown, a wand, a purse, slippers and a tiara.

As Seen On TV Disney Princess — Let the Princess Fantasy Begin with Royal Beautiful Gowns

The Disney Princess Gowns are so beautiful and your child is sure to feel like a princess when wearing one of them. Your child can dress up as Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Cinderalla, Ariel, Tiana, Rapunzel and Snow White.

Watch your child wear one on these costumes and create their own once upon a time story! These Disney Gowns are great for special parties, Halloween Costumes and for dress up.

Which princess dress do you think your little girl wants to dress up as? Princess Aurora is blessed with great beauty and the gift of song. Princess Belle has big dreams and yearns for adventure. Princess Ariel knows what she wants and is determined to follow her dreams. Princess Rapunzel is known for her golden locks of long hair.



Bright Light Squeeze Glowing Pillows

Order-Bright Light Pillow

The Bright Light Pillows are perfect for travel, sleep overs, gifts, playtime forts, children, teenagers and even adults! This starlight square shaped pillow lights automatically and change between 5 glowing colors.


Uses 3 AA batteries
Can work for hundreds of hours
LED lights guaranteed not to burn out and they emit no heat
White Starlight Square’s light colors change to red, blue, white, green & yellow automatically.
Pink Beating Heart pulses in red!
Comfy & bright

The bright light pillow automatically shuts off after 15 minutes and takes just a tap or light squeeze to turn back on.

Just tap to turn on the Light Bright Pillow. The soft pillow automatically shuts itself off after 15 minutes.

Light up the night with the Bright Light Pillow, the super soft plushy pillow that kids are sure to love. The ever changing colors of the White Square and Heart Shaped Bright Pillow’s LED lights are easily turned on with a gentle squeeze and turn off automatically by themselves about 15 minutes later. The Bright Light Pillow can work for hundreds of hours on 3 AA batteries. LED lights emit no heat and they should not burn out.

The glowing colors are red, blue, yellow, green and multicolor. The pink beating heart shaped pillow glows in red! This is the pillow with the lights inside. It is a great night light pillow.

Bright Color Pillows

CuddleUppets Cuddly Snugglepets Hand Puppet Blankets

Cuddle Uppets are a cross between a cuddly blanket and a cute puppet. Your kids will love to cuddle, hug, play and love these warm, fuzzy friends. Play all day and sleep the night away. The fun never ends with cuddle up friends.

Bring your child the joy, comfort and friendship of a soft and gentle Cuddleuppet! Made of soft plush, Cuddlee-Uppets serve as both a stuffed animal and a blanket, making nap time relaxing and fun for your child. They are excellent companions for long trips or vacations and always provide kids with a cuddly buddy and a blanket to help stay warm.

Pick brown bear, pink poodle, yellow puppy, purple monkey, blue elephant, or green crocodile. The fun never ends with cuddle up friend’s. The hand puppet that’s a blanket. 


Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read

Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read

The famous and award-winning Hooked on Phonics program has been teaching kids to read for generations. Try Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read risk-free for 30 days.

Perfect for kids just learning, ready to jump ahead, or struggling to keep up.

The Top-Ranked Reading Program in the World

World-Famous Reading Program

Award-Winning Program Teaches Your Child How to Read

Teach Your Child How to Read

Parent-Designed, Kid-Approved Reading Program

Hooked on Phonics is the world famous and award-winning education program that has been teaching kids how to read for over twenty years. This carefully designed and perfected eight-week program is guaranteed to improve your child’s reading skills.

See results in your child immediately with Hooked on Phonics.

Three-time winner of both the National Parenting Seal of Approval and the Teachers’ Choice Award, Hooked on Phonics is the proven method to boost reading skills and comprehension. Hooked on Phonics is not only educational, but it?s also fun — kids become better readers while they play. Not only will you witness your child?s education improve, but you will also notice that your child will actually want to read, finding it fun and exciting.


Mushabellies Reality Game Mushabelly 3D AR Stuffed Animal

Mushabellies Plush Toy Reality Game

Mushabellies are The Plush Toy that Comes to Life With A 3D Augmented Reality Game!

(sorry offer no longer available her)

Augmented Reality “AR” The new way to play. Works on iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

MushABellies that come with a 3D AR App are not just a plush chattering toy, but your passport to the magical fun of 3D augmented reality game. Download the MushABelly app, aim your smartphone or tablet’s camera at the game markers, and watch the magic appear before your eyes, as your world is implemented into the game and your MushABellies character jumps into it.

Each character has its own unique target launcher game. The on-screen MushABellies characters react to the placement and movements of the markers and implement these into play. Mix and match other MushAbellies and their character’s games for hundreds of combinations of game play.

Collect All The Mushabellies and Start Having Fun Playing The Reality Game

Conan Cow
Spoon Catapult Launcher
Basketball Target

Racket Raccoon
Fence Fling Launcher
TrashCan Target

Finless Frog
Cannon Launcher
Hollow Log Target

Heckle Hedgehog
The Boot Launcher
Goal Post Target

Buzzie Bee
Sunflower Launcher
Venus Flytrap Target

Mungo Monkey
Springboard Launcher
Barrel Target

MushABellies are soft, cuddly, and squishy toys for any age.

The MushABelly app makes it easy for you take a picture or video while you’re playing the 3D AR game. You can easily share the fun you are having by uploading these to e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter for friends and family–or the whole world to see!


Pawggles Fun Furry Stuffed Animal Slippers

Pawggles – The Fun Furry Friend that Turns into Cozy Slippers for Kids!

The magical world of pawggles are the fun furry pet that fits on your feet. Fun and comfy stuffed animal slippers.

Welcome to the magical world of Pawggles, cute cuddly friends with a secret surprise. They pop open and flip into slippers! These fun slippers are adorable, fun, furry friends that like magic, can fit on your feet! From cute little kitty, to adorable slipper. From lucky little unicorn, to magical slipper. A funny furry dinosaur that fits on your feet.

Pawggles are furry animal friends that magically pop into cute, fun slippers. Create instant, cozy, comfortable footwear from plush companions with one quick adjustment. Each animal slipper is carefully double stitched with non-slip soles. Pawggles are also machine washable so you can throw them in with the rest of your wash and not have to worry about any special wash instructions.

Pawggles Features:
Soft and comfy animal friends that magically pop into slippers Perfect for many ages, children, teens and college students
Double stitched, machine washable.
Come in in youth and adult sizes
Fun, cute and whimsical.
No struggle to get kids to wear them inside
Non-slip bottom soles

They’re Pawggles which are Paws & Giggles, Giggles & Paws…that’s Pawggles!

There’s kitties, puppies, unicorns, teddy bears, and dinosaurs. Pick your favorite or collect them all!

Pawggles are soft, comfy, double stitched, machine washable, have non-slip soles and are available in children’s sizes.




Slippers for Kids