CuddleUppets Cuddly Snugglepets Hand Puppet Blankets

Cuddle Uppets are a cross between a cuddly blanket and a cute puppet. Your kids will love to cuddle, hug, play and love these warm, fuzzy friends. Play all day and sleep the night away. The fun never ends with cuddle up friends.

Bring your child the joy, comfort and friendship of a soft and gentle Cuddleuppet! Made of soft plush, Cuddlee-Uppets serve as both a stuffed animal and a blanket, making nap time relaxing and fun for your child. They are excellent companions for long trips or vacations and always provide kids with a cuddly buddy and a blanket to help stay warm.

Pick brown bear, pink poodle, yellow puppy, purple monkey, blue elephant, or green crocodile. The fun never ends with cuddle up friend’s. The hand puppet that’s a blanket. 


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