Deep Romance Pendant Blue Titanic Necklace

Deep Romance Pendant Titanic Blue Necklace


The Deep Romance Pendant was created to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of The Sinking of the Titanic vessel.

This elegant necklace, which simply looks like the pendant Kate Winslet wore in the groundbreaking smash hit film Titanic. It is Inspired by The Titanic Blue Ocean Heart Necklace includes a romantic, heart formed sapphire CZ stone pendant. The necklace’s chain boasts its own sparkle with round cut CZ stones. Relive the romance of the Titanic with this goreous silver tone version.

The ocean blue heart necklace is a beautiful piece of jewelry that is sure to add to anyone’s collection of precious gems. There are many items that have become popular memorabilia to many. This necklace is a top hit with many collector’s of Titanic properties. Discover the enduring love with this magnificent necklace. Show your love by giving this blue heart pendant to that special someone. This is a very impressive looking sapphire ring.

Sterlington Collection offers the limited version antique Deep Romance Pendant. This exquisite pendant includes a 14.5 carat Faux Ceylon Sapphire – hand set in sensational silver tone. The facility stone is surrounded by a set of 20 perfect DiamonLore Crystals and is held on a sterling silver layered, herringbone necklace. Its style, cut, luster and color are unsurpassed. The initial is among one of the most discussed gems in history, and in today’s cash will be worth hundreds of hundreds of dollars.


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