Dunstan Baby Language System Baby Talk

Baby Talk

“For millions of sleep-deprived moms, this could be life changing.” -Oprah Winfrey. Dunstan Baby Language helps you understand the needs of your baby, resulting in more sleep, less crying, less stress and more happiness for you and your family.

Understand Baby Talk

Learn the secret language of your baby

The solution for millions of sleep deprived Moms!

Feel less stressed as your child becomes happier and more content

Prevent your baby’s crys from even starting!

Learn how to listen to your baby’s ‘babble’, and respond quickly

Identify exactly what your baby needs!

The answer to your baby’s crys!

All newborn babies produce 5 distinct “pre-cry” sounds that signal their 5 most important needs. By listening for these subtle cries, you are able to prevent the crying from even starting. Dunstan Baby Language System will teach you to identify exactly what sounds to listen for, so you know precisely what your newborn needs. Learn how to listen to your baby’s babble, and respond quickly. Your baby will reward you by sleeping more, allowing you to sleep more.

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