Easy View XT Flip Down Visor for Car

Easy View XT Flip Down Car Visor

The blinding sun can cause many problems when driving and get even result in serious car accidents. Protect your view from the blinding sun using the Easy View XT flip down visor. It is so convenient and easy to use.

Easy View XT is the clear polycarbonate attachment that has been advertised on television that has been specially tinted to diffuse glare and sunlight. You can now with this product safely and effectively reduce headlight glare at night and the blinding sun during the day. Enjoy the confidence and comfort that this automobile visor adds to your driving experience. See the incredible difference on how clearer your view appears.

Do you ever get headaches when driving from the bright sun? Have you been scared because you know the view is hampered by this? You flip down your current car visor but it still does not quite help. It is still hard to see in front of you. Get the XT Easy View visor and see clearer and feel more at ease when driving.

Install the car visor is quick and easy and no tools are needed. It fits on just about any visor and flips up for easy storage. Don’t let the blinding sun or on coming headlights impair your view. This is such a simple solution. So stop squinting to try and block out the sun, just flip down the visor and get a clear high definition type view.

The visor works great during the day and at night it helps to effectively and safely reduce headlight glare.




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