Eggies Hard Boiled Eggs System Cook Eggs without the Shell

Eggies Hard Boiled Eggs Cooking System

The Eggies plastic molds are a very convenient and easy way to boil hard boiled eggs and soft boiled eggs without the shell. No more losing a good part of the egg when you peel it because the egg won’t pull apart from the shell.


Another great feature of the Eggies System is you can cheeses, meats or spices before you boil. Make some great tasting flavorfull eggs.

Never peel another hard-boiled egg again! Simply assemble the Eggie, remove the screw-top lid, crack an egg into it, then cook by boiling your eggs without the shell. You can even add seasoning and ingredients like meats, and cheeses to the egg before your boil it.

Using the Eggies plastic molds are so easy. Just crack the egg and let it pour inside the mold, then cook and twist off the top when all done.

Finally enjoy hard boild eggs without having to peel a single shell! Just crack, cook and twist! Make the perfect hard boiled eggs!


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