Forever Comfy Pillow Back and Seat Gel Cushion

Forever Comfy Seat Cushion As Seen On TV

The Forever Comfy combination cushion with a washable soft fleece cover.

Sitting in a chair for long periods of time not only makes your lower back ache, it can leave you with a sore bottom too! Plus the added discomfort of long trips in your vehicle and hours of work in front of a computer and you’ve got a powerful mix of discomfort.

The problem isn’t the way you’re sitting, but the cushioning! But now there’s Forever Comfy, the gel cushion support for your back and your bottom. A combination cushion which eliminates any discomfort from siting on hard or poorly cushioned surfaces.

Forever Comfy Product Features:

Instantly lessens the discomfort caused by hard, poorly cushioned surfaces
Provides a supple layer of support between you and your seat
Soothing for those who spend most or all of the day sitting
Lightweight, portable, and washable

The therapeutic comfort gel which is surrounded by high density foam helps gives you a supple layer of support between you and your seat. Forever Comfy evenly distributes your weight easily eliminating stress put on your muscles and joints in any chair
Gel-filled core for an extra layer of support. Take it anywhere! Inner therapeutic comfort gel.

Bring the Forever Comfy with you anywhere. At home, the car, office, church, concerts and sporting events, and more! The incredible comfy gel cushion.

Back and Seat Gel Cushions

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