Fresh Sticks Forever Fragrant Odor Eliminators

Forever Fragrant Fresh Sticks

With Fresh Sticks stop odors in your home for up to 2 years! Remove the odors caused by smokers, pets, cooking and more! Have your home smelling fresh and clean and don’t be embarrassed by stinky smells.

Joy Mangano’s Forever Fragrant Odor-Eliminating Sticks

Enjoy this unique fragrance of this product. There’s no blast from a spray can or messes from oily products. Its odor-eliminating formula means you won’t smell your pets or last night’s dinner.

So do away with the messy oils and very expensive air freshner spray cans. Neutralize odors for up to 2 years. The Fresh Sticks act like a sponge and absorb bad odors.

If you adjust the quantity of the Fresh Sticks you should achieve the fragrance level that meets your needs. More sticks provide a more intense experience and fewer sticks create a more subtle effect.

It is best to place Forever Fragrant sticks in an open area. The airflow around them allows the continuous release of fragrance while neutralizing the odors in your home. Forever Fragrant Fresh Sticks are a slow-releasing technology.
Forever Fragrant sticks effectively neutralize odors in a regular size bathroom, office, closet, pantry, mud room or other areas. If you have a larger room it is best to use 2 sets.  They are designed to work continuously for up to 2 years.






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