LifeStrength Bracelet The Vitamin You Wear

LifeStrength Bracelet The Vitamin You Wear

LifeStrength – Restore your body back to its natural state. LifeStrength bands produce a negative ion factor up to 25 times greater than those of other negative ion bracelets and have been made to withstand the harshest of elements.


Made of Ion Infused Silicone

Wake Up Refreshed

Increased Energy

Feel Better

Reduce Stress


Water Proof

24 Hour a Day Wearability


LifeStrength™ products emit a high level of “Anions”. Anions are also known as negative ions. Anions are naturally occurring, charged molecules that are constantly circulating in the environment around us. Anions are found abundantly in certain environments like waterfalls, beaches and forests. Anions can be absorbed through our skin or inhaled.

LifeStrength Bracelet can restore your body back to its natural state. 

The Ion Health Technology built into LIFESTRENGTH products is an active technology that produces anions for up to 5 years. However, to get beneficial levels of anions the optimal life of our products is 3 years.

LifeStrength Bracelet Special Online Offer

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