Light Angel Motion Sensor Indoor Outdoor Light

Light Angel As Seen On TV

With light angel you can get light where you need it most. It is motion activated so it’s perfect when coming home late at night.

Check out this super cool motion activated stick up led light! It lasts up to 100,ooo hours. Now can your lights do that? It has a automatic motion sensor. When movement is near it the led light comes on. It’s cordless and ready to use.

The Light Angel is perfect for porches, decks, patios and even works great indoors inside your closets. Plus if the power goes out you have a backup light. The base rotates 360 degrees.

Going outside at night can  be scarier, especially when it’s pitch black out. It can also be a struggle to find your house key when returning home in the dark.

Introducing the Light Angel™, the easy-to-install, motion-detected, wireless outdoor light that lights your porch, front steps, patio, pool area and so much more. The LED-bright Light Angel™ has an automatic motion sensor, is cordless and ready for use in all weather conditions.




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