Mushabellies Reality Game Mushabelly 3D AR Stuffed Animal

Mushabellies Plush Toy Reality Game

Mushabellies are The Plush Toy that Comes to Life With A 3D Augmented Reality Game!

(sorry offer no longer available her)

Augmented Reality “AR” The new way to play. Works on iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

MushABellies that come with a 3D AR App are not just a plush chattering toy, but your passport to the magical fun of 3D augmented reality game. Download the MushABelly app, aim your smartphone or tablet’s camera at the game markers, and watch the magic appear before your eyes, as your world is implemented into the game and your MushABellies character jumps into it.

Each character has its own unique target launcher game. The on-screen MushABellies characters react to the placement and movements of the markers and implement these into play. Mix and match other MushAbellies and their character’s games for hundreds of combinations of game play.

Collect All The Mushabellies and Start Having Fun Playing The Reality Game

Conan Cow
Spoon Catapult Launcher
Basketball Target

Racket Raccoon
Fence Fling Launcher
TrashCan Target

Finless Frog
Cannon Launcher
Hollow Log Target

Heckle Hedgehog
The Boot Launcher
Goal Post Target

Buzzie Bee
Sunflower Launcher
Venus Flytrap Target

Mungo Monkey
Springboard Launcher
Barrel Target

MushABellies are soft, cuddly, and squishy toys for any age.

The MushABelly app makes it easy for you take a picture or video while you’re playing the 3D AR game. You can easily share the fun you are having by uploading these to e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter for friends and family–or the whole world to see!


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