Obsidian Slide Board Fitness Workout System

Obsidian Slide Board

obsidian fitness board

Obsidian Fitness is a break through to a new degree of fitness with the Obsidian Board and 3 DVDs that feature over 100 exercises.

The Obsidian Slide Board lets you slide your way to a toned, chiseled body.
Side to side movement engages muscles quickly taking your body to peak performance. Shave inches off your body, develop rock hard abs, and blast fat awy for good. Obsidian fitness board creates a frictionless surface that delivers extreme results while doing low impacy exercises.

The Obsidian fitness slide board is created from HDP, which is close to indestructable. Throughout the many months snow is not accessible, the skiers touch down on the HDP surface and utilize its glossy and heavy duty residential properties to assimulate the homes of icy snow.

End quits fabricated from lexan, which are mounted on each end of the Obsidian slide board, additionally have excellent maintenance free, high toughness residential properties. Heavy obligation equipment insures your time will certainly be invested working out with rather than maintaining your slide board. The extras are inexpensive yet developed with resourcefulness, removing the demand for numerous and costly specific pieces of devices to obtain an overall physique exercise.

The versatile underside of the Obsidian slide board conforms to the flooring area. Without configuration needed it can easily be transfered from carpeting to a challenging smooth flooring area without dropping its capability to grip and supplies a stable workout base.

When your workout is total, the slide board will introduce without maring or wearing the floor surface. The inbuilt handle makes moving the board from room to area effortless.



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