PackIt Freezable Cooler Lunch Bags

PackIt Cooler Bags

PackIt is the first freezable personal cooler bag that keeps anything you pack inside colder for up to 10 hours.

Revolutionary cooling technology

as seen on tv packit lunch bag

The freezable personal cooler that keeps your food colder, fresher, and safer for longer than you could ever before for up to 10 hours! There’s no need for ice that melts or for bulky, toxic ice packs. Simply store your folded Packit® in the freezer until you’re ready to pack your food and go!

Bye-bye ice gel packs that only last for 2 hours. The bag is your icepack, and it stays cold for up to 10 hours. Easy!

A money saving solution

Now it’s easy to bring a satisfying, delicious lunch from home, and save hundreds of dollars every year.

On The Go Moms


Healthy, fresh food anywhere

PackIt’s not just for lunches. Use it for baby bottles, sports events, travel… anywhere you need to keep items cold.




Lunch Bags

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