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Flex Seal Spray Special Offer

Flex Seal Sealant As Seen On TV Flex Seal™ sprays out a liquid, seeps into cracks and holes, and dries to a watertight, flexible rubberized coating! Flex Seal™ is Perfect for: Roofs Gutters Pipes Skylights & More! Flex Seal last a lifetime! It’s a handyman in a can. Comes in a new brite color.  The

Best Tactical Flashlight the TC1200

TC1200 Tactical Flashlight

1TAC TC1200 Tactical Flashlight One of the leading needs to get a tactical flashlight is for personal security. Not just are these tactical flashlights helpful for the armed forces, and law enforcement they are likewise thought about advantageous for people’s own self-defense. Strobing LED flashlights are available to the general public for usage for their

Nutrisystem Diet Popular Weight Loss Plan

For forty years, Nutrisystem has helped millions of people achieve real weight loss results.

For forty years, Nutrisystem has helped millions of people achieve real weight loss results. Nutrisystem’s New everyday low pricing on their largest selection of weight loss plans for women and men.

Rodent Sheriff Peppermint Spray Keeps Rodents Out

as seen on tv pest spray

Rodent Sheriff Natural Way to Repel Pests! Do you have problems with raccoons or other vermin getting into your trash, or digging up your garden? Well there is an all natural solution for this. It is called Rodent Sheriff. Get control back pf your garden and stop worrying about your trash getting dumped out. Rats normally

Total Gym GTS | Total Gym XLS | Total Gym 3000 | Total Gym 2000

Total Gym Save 10%

Total Gym are total body home gyms, exercise machines and fitness equipment endorsed by Chuck Norris. Total Gym takes ALL of the guesswork out of getting in shape.

Potty Patch Indoor Grass Turf Bathroom for Dogs

The Potty Patch is a 3 tiered doggie restroom perfect for patios and indoor use. The top is made of a soft artificial grass specifically designed to let liquid flow through.

Bowflex M3 Max Trainer Elliptical Stepper Exercise Machine

Bowflex M3 Trainer

You can get all the burn on the Bowflex M3 streamlined trainer by Bowflex. The MAX Trainer M3 delivers the breakthrough 14-minute MAX Trainer workout and puts you in control.

Mattress Wedge Fills Gap and Improves Sleep

mattress wedge

Get a better nights sleep with Mattress Wedge and stop losing items between the gap of your mattress and head board.

Diet Plan 21 Day Fix by Beachbody

21 Day Fix

The 21 Day Fix helps you to achieve fast results by following a simple meal plan and a simple fitness program. The 21 Day Fix program is a super unique portion-control system combined with simple to follow 30-minute workouts that can fit into just about anyone’s busy schedule.

Be Active Pressure Brace for Sciatic Back Pain

Beactive Leg Brace As Seen On TV

Beactive is the popular point specific acupressure brace that has been seen on tv to assist in getting fast effective relief from sciatica back nerve pain.

Snuggle Up Poly Fleece Comfort Seat Cover

The Snuggle Up Fleece instantly turns you reclining chair to the most relaxing and comfortable seat in the house. Use it over leather or fabric recliners. There are also some deep pockets where you can store some items you want close by.

Bowflex Treadclimber TC200 Most Effective Walking Exercise Machine

The All New Bowflex Treadclimber for 2016

Treadclimber TC200 Enhanced Electronic Console Meet the newly designed Bowflex TreadClimber TC200, the super premier walking workout exercise machine. It’s like having a treadmill, stepper and elliptical all rolled into one. The most effective treadclimber merely got far better. Enhanced electronic connectivity. Boosted console interactivity. A bold brand-new layout. You get the results and benefits of

Cize Beachbody Shaun T’s Best Dance Work Out

Cize Dancing Workout

Cize Shaun T’s Newest Beachbody Dance Workout Working out with Shaun T exercising to his all new dance fitness program Cize will help you to drop the pounds all while having fun. Try the 4 week CIZE down! Neglect everything you dread regarding exercises. Due to the fact that beginning today, exercize isn’t something you

Magic Mesh Screen As Seen On TV

Magic Mesh Screen As Seen On TV Door Cover

Magic Mesh Screen

Magic Mesh Screen Door

Magic Mesh® door cover instantly opens and magically snaps closed behind you using 18 strategically placed magnets.

Whether you have your hands full or a forgetful family member you can still let fresh air in and keep those bugs out.


The fast and easy way to keep fresh air in and bugs out. 18 Powerful magnets so it instantly opens & magically closes. Fits standard single and sliding doors.

Buy Magic Mesh


Perfect Tortilla Pan Taco Bowls

As Seen On TV Perfect Tortilla – The Easy Way to Shape, Bake & Create Crispy, Delicious Tortilla Bowls.

Perfect TortillaPerfect Tortilla make your own restaurant crispy as well as mouth watering taco bowls! You will definitely be able to develop all these tasty foods, zesty tossed salad dish, makes pasta dish, shrimp bowl, treat bowl with real ice cream, chili dish, guacamole dish as well as event dips.

Create your own restaurant style tortillas at home. Have your own Tac Tuesday night. The insides of the taco bowl are up to you. Create awesome dips, soups, meals, desserts and more. If you watched the Perfect Tortilla Infomercial you see tons of recipe ideas.

Perfect Tortilla Pan Set turns any dish into a fun, flavorful, family meal. The non stick, healthy way to shape, bake and create tortilla bowls! Great for Taco bowls, salads, dips, soups, main dishes, desserts and more! Bake golden crispy bowls in 5 minutes. Baked NOT fried! These bowls are perfect for taco fiesta bowl, healthy salad bowl, steak fajita bowl, hearty chili bowl, salsa dip bowl and ice cream sundae bowl. Set includes: 4 x Perfect Tortilla Pans

What will you make? A taco salad, beef dinner or a tasty ice cream sundae?

The tacos and also tortillas are baked never ever fried and are positioned in this exceptional made tortilla mold. Baked for all the taste and not the fat.

Making the Perfect Tortilla is as easy as 1,2, 3.

STEP 1 – Place any size of tortilla in to the non-stick pan.

STEP 2 – Pop it in the oven.

STEP 3 – In as little as 5 minutes, you will have perfect tortilla bowls that are golden and also crispy.

You will  get 4 Perfect Tortilla Molds

Tortilla Bowl Pans

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Twist N Clip Holds Hair In Place

The Twist ‘N Clip, available in black, bronze and blonde, helps you style and hold your hair with a touch of glam!

The Twist n Clip holds your hair all day long! The hair clip is so comfortable, it is easy to use and won’t damage hair while holding your hair firmly in place. Twist n Clip can be used on just about any hair type, from thick and curly to thin. Just collect your hair, twist, spread, and clip. It is like a giant bobby pin!


You’ll receive 3 Twist ‘N Clips in your choice of Black, Bronze or Blonde as well as the Crystal Glass Tattle Tail. As a special BONUS, you’ll receive an additional 3 pack of Twist ‘N Clips in the same color and the Black Faceted Crystal Tattle Tail.

Create your own unique beautiful hairstyles in just minutes. The giant bobby pin that gives your hair a lift.

The As Seen On TV Twist N Clip Very Easy To Use:

Step 1. COLLECT into medium-height ponytail

Step 2. TWIST ponytail 2-4 turns straight upwards

Step 3. SPREAD open Twist ‘N Clip & slide underneath

Step 4. CLIP it like a safety pin

• 1 Official Twist ‘N Clip Style Guide will show you many ways to style your hair

No more bad hair days with twist and clip.


Nutrisystem Diet Popular Weight Loss Plan

Nutrisystem Limited Time Offer – Order Now!

nutrisystem diet

Check out Nutrisystem’s New everyday low pricing on their largest selection of weight loss plans for women and men.

Nutrisystem lose 5 pounds in a week.

For forty years, Nutrisystem has helped millions of people achieve real weight loss results. And now, they are making their most complete program better than ever with even more personalized plans to fit everyone’s budget and needs. The company will help you reach your weight loss goals.

The Nutrisystem Diet Features:

28 days of delicious, perfectly portioned meals delivered to your door

Optimized nutrition & optional protein shakes for ultimate satisfaction

Unlimited access to invaluable support, tools and trackers

My Daily 3 personalized activity plans to help maximize results

Transition and maintenance plans to help you learn how to keep the weight off

Personalized plans like D for diabetics, Silver for seniors and Vegetarian to fit lifestyles.


Customer Service Nutrisystem Phone: 888-791-LOSE, Click for Current Offer Details



Comfy Control Dogs Harness

The Comfy Control Harness™, complete with a matching 5-foot leash, is designed to move the pressure away from your dog’s neck and on to the shoulders and back. It will not constrict your dog’s breathing so it’s perfect for all dogs, especially dogs with short snouts or breathing problems.

Comfy Control Harness is a new humane harness that’s also lightweight and easily adjustable. It’s special design allows for maximum comfort and safety every time you walk your dog.

The Comfy Control Harness™, complete with a matching 5-foot leash, is designed to move the pressure away from your dog’s neck and on to the shoulders and back. It will not constrict your dog’s breathing so it’s perfect for all dogs, especially dogs with short snouts or breathing problems.

Treat your pet to the new humane collar to be certain there’s no more coughing, choking or straining — only reliable, comfortable support and control of your dog. The dog harness seen advertised on television.

Orgreenic Organic Frying Skillet Pan

Orgreenic Organic Frying Pan

As you’ve seen on TV, Orgreenic™ Kitchenware lets you cook healthy food safely and quickly!


Because of its super-hard, durable, all-natural, ceramic coating, Orgreenic frying pan skillet sears in the juices and flavor of your food without releasing toxic gases. You won’t need to add high calorie oils and butter ever again with the orgreenic kitchenware!

• Ergonomic Handle is Cool to the Touch

• Organic Pan Ceramic Non-Stick Surface

• No Harmful PFOA

• Withstands Thousands of Abrasive Scrubs

• Ceramic Coating is Made to Last a Lifetime

Best of all, absolutely nothing sticks to it! Just run the Sauté Pan under water and it wipes clean! This is a very popular as seen on tv product.


6 Week Body Makeover System

6 Week Body Makeover Blueprinting System

The 6 Week Body Makeover starts with The Body Blueprinting System to determine your unique body type, then gives you a complete set of DVDs, books, recipe and restaurant guides that show you what to eat and how to exercise for your body type.

6 week body makeover

This weight loss plan was featured in People’s “Half Their Size” Issue!

Makeover your entire body in just 6 weeks with the customized approach to fat loss! Designed for your body, your life and your success.



Magic Meal Microwave Cooker

Magic Meal Microwave Cooker Makes Mouth Watering Meals in Just Minutes

Stop making things hard on yourself in the kitchen. The revolutionary all in one microwave cooker prepares an entire meal in just minutes. The secret to Magic Meal is in the stack, food cooks quickly and evenly. The steam seals in moisture, nutrients and flavor.

(no longer offering)

The secret to Magic Meal™ is in the stack, food cooks quickly and evenly. The steam seals in moisture, nutrients and flavor! Prepare an entire meal in just minutes!

It’s a pasta maker, it’s a rice cooker, a steamer, a colander, a total meal maker! Cook rice, potatoes, chicken, pasta, beef, hot dogs and just about anything you can think of for dinner inside the microwave containers.

Microwave Containers and Cookers

Mr Lid Locking Attached Lids Storage Containers

Never lose a lid again with the Mr Lid Containers.

With Mr. Lid you should never loose another lid again! Plastic storage boxes for food and other items with attached lids. Brilliant!

Tired of looking for storage lids or cant find the right size? Not any more, Mr. Lids is the amazing food storage container with a attachable lid. The fastest and easiest way to a frustation free kitchen. Keep your food fresh and organize your kitchen today. This is such a great practical invention.

Mr. Lid the as seen on tv storage boxes with lids is an ideal product to help anyone who needs to organize their kitchen. Clear plastic containers with locking lids save space and keep cupboards tidy.


Mr. Lid Online Special Offer!


Zoomies Magnified Binocular Glasses and Sunglasses

Zoomies Binocular Glasses

Zoomies are the compact, higher power binoculars you put on like sunglasses, making them completely hands free binoculars.

zoomies binocular glasses

Take pleasure in 300% zoom and get rid of your large, hefty binoculars. Zoomies are the binoculars of the future. I bet you are exhausted of straining to see at shows, sporting occasions, and seeing small print? Zoomies have binocular innovation in micro vision lenses, permitting you to see what you had been missing and zoom in on the action or content.

Zoomies are great for bird watching, featuring events, concerts & even more. No need to carry those other heavy and bulky binoculars with you when you go on a nature’s walk. These binocular magnifying glasses provide a 300% zoomed-in sight with just a turn of a dial.

Zoomies are compact and fit in many small areas. Easy on, easy off sunshade lens built-in. They are excellent for reading, sewing, hobbies, watching TV & more!







Clever Grip Best Portable Smartphone Car Vent Mount

Clever Grip -The all new mobile phone clip with the extremely secure grip.

Clever Grip is one of the most portable mobile phone car vent mounts. Simply affix Clever Grip on any type of car air vent then attach your cellphone securely inside the spring loaded clip. It’s that easy. It keeps your mobile phone visible and close by when driving. Great for getting GPS directions, streaming songs, and receiving hands-free telephone calls.

Clever Grip

Mobile phones have become way more then phones. They are portable gps gadgets, music centers and alert systems. Most people like to have there phones near by for easy access. This is just what the Clever Grip does when you are driving. Avoiding drivers fumbling for their phones. Clever Grip keeps the mobile phone secure and close by.

It matches any-style air vent to hold your phone at a comfortable eye level without obstructing your vision of the road ahead of you. You could view your phone and also make hands-free phone calls or when you wish to stream your songs. The 360 level rotating head revolves for very easy browsing. It’s excellent for driving with gps.

It showcases a company grip that conforms to all vehicle vents, 360 level swivel activity, turns to utilize at any type of angle, encompass match most mobile phones. Works well with Blackberry, Apple iphone, Android, Windows mobile phones. Clever automobile mount for very easy phone accessibility.

Buy Clever Grip Now



Side Socket 6 Plug Swivel Electrical Outlet

Side Socket – Triple Your Socket Outlet Space

side socket as seen on tv

With the Side Socket you can triple your socket space plus organize your electrical cords. Do you have items plugged in all over the place. Are they just an eye soar to look at? Well then get organized with the Side Socket. Stop struggling to reach your plugs and save space by using the swivel feature. Go from an ugly jumbled mess to an organized success. Because of the unique design you will be able to push furniture up closer to the wall. Get a little more room to move around in.

Clear up those cords in your home, dorm, rv, office and garage, by using the Side Socket with it’s patented 90 degree swiveling surge protector design.



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Surge Protectors

Ruggies Non-Slip Sticky Free Rug Grippers

Ruggies Keep Rugs From Slipping

Ruggies are the best and easiest way to prevent trips and slips on area rugs and keep your rugs looking tidy and neat.

as seen on tv ruggies

Ruggies are triangular-shaped grippers to stick on each corner of scatter rug. This means that one order should be enough for 4 rugs of any size. Ruggies Rug Grippers are truly easy to use, just push them to the bottom of your carpet and stick the various other end to the floor. Say goodbye to messing up floors. Ruggies are sticky and gluey free. The secret is Ruggies Tacky Hold Polymer Technology which holds the floor covering along with hundreds of suction pockets. This makes them straightforward to remove. Plus they are washable and recyclable!

Area rugs, throw rugs or mats can be frustrating. Keeping them from slipping can be tricky relying on the surface they are on. Area rugs on carpet have the tendency to bunch up and crinkle, primarily because of the adaptability of carpeting. Not only is this problem undesirable for visual effects, but it could possibly ruin the fibers of the rug over time and make it tough to lay flat, even on wood floors. Bunched up carpets can be avoided by utilizing Ruggies Grippers, the as seen on tv triangular rug grippers.

Reusable rug corners that are easy to use. Just stick and press!



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Cats Meow Cat Chasing Game

Cat’s Meow Cat Toy As Seen On TV

Watch as your cat goes round and round playing the Cat’s Meow game. This is a fun way to entertain your cat for hours. Plus they will get good exercise in while playing. Keep your cat entertained day or night.

as seen on tv cat's meow

The toy mimics a mouse running back and forth, round and round, at different speeds. The yellow cover is made from strong rip proof nylon.

With just a push of a button your cat will be as playful as a kitten.

• Battery operated Cat’s Meow toy is portable
• It helps keep older cats active and healthy
• Let your kitty enjoy hours of just plain fun fun!


Deep Romance Pendant Blue Titanic Necklace

Deep Romance Pendant Titanic Blue Necklace


The Deep Romance Pendant was created to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of The Sinking of the Titanic vessel.

This elegant necklace, which simply looks like the pendant Kate Winslet wore in the groundbreaking smash hit film Titanic. It is Inspired by The Titanic Blue Ocean Heart Necklace includes a romantic, heart formed sapphire CZ stone pendant. The necklace’s chain boasts its own sparkle with round cut CZ stones. Relive the romance of the Titanic with this goreous silver tone version.

The ocean blue heart necklace is a beautiful piece of jewelry that is sure to add to anyone’s collection of precious gems. There are many items that have become popular memorabilia to many. This necklace is a top hit with many collector’s of Titanic properties. Discover the enduring love with this magnificent necklace. Show your love by giving this blue heart pendant to that special someone. This is a very impressive looking sapphire ring.

Sterlington Collection offers the limited version antique Deep Romance Pendant. This exquisite pendant includes a 14.5 carat Faux Ceylon Sapphire – hand set in sensational silver tone. The facility stone is surrounded by a set of 20 perfect DiamonLore Crystals and is held on a sterling silver layered, herringbone necklace. Its style, cut, luster and color are unsurpassed. The initial is among one of the most discussed gems in history, and in today’s cash will be worth hundreds of hundreds of dollars.