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Flex Seal Spray Special Offer

Flex Seal Sealant As Seen On TV Flex Seal™ sprays out a liquid, seeps into cracks and holes, and dries to a watertight, flexible rubberized coating! Flex Seal™ is Perfect for: Roofs Gutters Pipes Skylights & More! Flex Seal last a lifetime! It’s a handyman in a can. Comes in a new brite color.  The

Best Tactical Flashlight the TC1200

TC1200 Tactical Flashlight

1TAC TC1200 Tactical Flashlight One of the leading needs to get a tactical flashlight is for personal security. Not just are these tactical flashlights helpful for the armed forces, and law enforcement they are likewise thought about advantageous for people’s own self-defense. Strobing LED flashlights are available to the general public for usage for their

Nutrisystem Diet Popular Weight Loss Plan

For forty years, Nutrisystem has helped millions of people achieve real weight loss results.

For forty years, Nutrisystem has helped millions of people achieve real weight loss results. Nutrisystem’s New everyday low pricing on their largest selection of weight loss plans for women and men.

Rodent Sheriff Peppermint Spray Keeps Rodents Out

as seen on tv pest spray

Rodent Sheriff Natural Way to Repel Pests! Do you have problems with raccoons or other vermin getting into your trash, or digging up your garden? Well there is an all natural solution for this. It is called Rodent Sheriff. Get control back pf your garden and stop worrying about your trash getting dumped out. Rats normally

Total Gym GTS | Total Gym XLS | Total Gym 3000 | Total Gym 2000

Total Gym Save 10%

Total Gym are total body home gyms, exercise machines and fitness equipment endorsed by Chuck Norris. Total Gym takes ALL of the guesswork out of getting in shape.

Potty Patch Indoor Grass Turf Bathroom for Dogs

The Potty Patch is a 3 tiered doggie restroom perfect for patios and indoor use. The top is made of a soft artificial grass specifically designed to let liquid flow through.

Bowflex M3 Max Trainer Elliptical Stepper Exercise Machine

Bowflex M3 Trainer

You can get all the burn on the Bowflex M3 streamlined trainer by Bowflex. The MAX Trainer M3 delivers the breakthrough 14-minute MAX Trainer workout and puts you in control.

Mattress Wedge Fills Gap and Improves Sleep

mattress wedge

Get a better nights sleep with Mattress Wedge and stop losing items between the gap of your mattress and head board.

Diet Plan 21 Day Fix by Beachbody

21 Day Fix

The 21 Day Fix helps you to achieve fast results by following a simple meal plan and a simple fitness program. The 21 Day Fix program is a super unique portion-control system combined with simple to follow 30-minute workouts that can fit into just about anyone’s busy schedule.

Be Active Pressure Brace for Sciatic Back Pain

Beactive Leg Brace As Seen On TV

Beactive is the popular point specific acupressure brace that has been seen on tv to assist in getting fast effective relief from sciatica back nerve pain.

Snuggle Up Poly Fleece Comfort Seat Cover

The Snuggle Up Fleece instantly turns you reclining chair to the most relaxing and comfortable seat in the house. Use it over leather or fabric recliners. There are also some deep pockets where you can store some items you want close by.

Bowflex Treadclimber TC200 Most Effective Walking Exercise Machine

The All New Bowflex Treadclimber for 2016

Treadclimber TC200 Enhanced Electronic Console Meet the newly designed Bowflex TreadClimber TC200, the super premier walking workout exercise machine. It’s like having a treadmill, stepper and elliptical all rolled into one. The most effective treadclimber merely got far better. Enhanced electronic connectivity. Boosted console interactivity. A bold brand-new layout. You get the results and benefits of

Cize Beachbody Shaun T’s Best Dance Work Out

Cize Dancing Workout

Cize Shaun T’s Newest Beachbody Dance Workout Working out with Shaun T exercising to his all new dance fitness program Cize will help you to drop the pounds all while having fun. Try the 4 week CIZE down! Neglect everything you dread regarding exercises. Due to the fact that beginning today, exercize isn’t something you

Trillion Dollar Collectors Coin

The Trillion Dollar Coin

The Trillion Dollar coin is one of the most distinctive coin tributes ever. The Trillion Dollar coin has been featured in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. What collector wouldn’t want to add this awesome coin to their coin collection.

A Trillion Dollar Coin, could very well be the perfect remedy to America’s personal debt dilemma.

There are lots of excellent reasons you may wish to collect coins. For starters, they inform distinct tales. A coin’s design, mint make-up, and mark could provide a glimpse into history and a much better understanding of the past.

Some individuals gather coins in the hope that they will certainly go up in value. Some coins have inherent monetized value (such as silver, platinum and gold coins). Mostly due to the fact that they are unusual and quite often rare.

Coin gathering has often been called the “king of hobbies” and the “hobby of kings.”

This gorgeous memorial coin features the Statue of Liberty on the front and the marvelous American Eagle on the reverse. Birthing the amazing designation of 1 trillion dollars it is one of the most unique coin memorials ever before produced. Each Trillion Dollar Tribute Proof includes a certificate of authenticity vouching for it’s individuality and the United States Treasury’s legal right to mint a trillion dollar coin.


Trillion Dollar Coin customer service number: 203-299-3340, Click for more offer details, By ordering today, you’ll receive the Trillion Dollar Coin for the low price of $10 plus $6.95 P&H.


Flip Jack Orgreenic Non-Stick Frying Pan

Flip Jack Non-Stick Flipping Frying Pan

Flip Jack Pancake Pan

Cooking With Flip Jack Is Easy As 1-2-3!

The infomercial product Flip Jack is a pancake maker non-stick grill pans. The pan is a mess free, non-stick way to flip flapjacks, pancakes, eggs, french toasts and sandwiches.

Pour your favorite batter into the non-stick pan and close to cook and just flip. Then when batter is done slide perfect pancakes straight out of the pan!

Top Reasons Why to Buy The Flip Jack

It is a lot of fun and extremely easy to use!
The pan helps you to cook the perfect full-size flapjacks!
Non-stick ceramic surface means no added fat or oils and cleans up is a snap, no scrubbing!
Dual hinged design lets you flip without spills or drips!

The pancake flipper isn’t just for making perfect pancakes, it works great for cooking over easy eggs with no broken yolks, cook stacks of scrumptious French toast, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and so much more!

Pancake batter is simple to make from the ground up by using just some extremely common kitchen ingredients. Buttermilk yields fluffy and light flap jack cakes that are also for the pickiest eaters. They are sure to take pleasure in, nevertheless, you can also make use of yogurt or cottage cheese for high-protein and low fat options. This fundamental dish can be tweaked to consist of fruit, like cinnamon, banana, or chocolate chip pancakes. For those that can not eat dairy products, there are recipes without milk, too. Many ways to put together the excellent pancake batter for your family.





JNL Fusion Workout with Jillian Nicole Lee

JNL Fusion – Jennifer Nicole Lee

Jnl Fusion Workout

The JNL Fusion DVD system will certainly spark your metabolic rate and ignite your fat burn, all in about 30 minutes a day. Produced by International physical fitness star, Jennifer Nicole Lee, this program consists of 12 power-packed exercises based off the science of Super-Spiking. With Super – Spiking, JNL incorporates 30 secs of toughness training complied with by a 30 second cardio surge to raise your heart rates, receive your muscular tissues burning, and melt off unsightly fat!

60 Days to a Fitness Model Body – Fat Burning Videos

Jennifer has actually become a symbol for females all over the globe with her amazin 80 pound weight loss success story. She was not always an incredible fitness magnate like she is today. Did you understand she started out a fat and frumpy mother who was miserable and difficult with herself every day! When she saw herself in the notorious pink swimsuit, it all changed. She picked up weights and began to ideal just what we now called JNL Fusion! Jennifer is a true shining example for anybody that is seeking genuine fitness model looking outcomes!

JNL FUSION, is an exercise approach health and fitness professional and celeb trainer Jennifer Nicole Lee created it is a tough physical fitness challenge. Jennifer Nicole Lee established this hallmark style of exercise to provide optimal results in minimum time as all workouts never ever go past more than 40 minutes.




X-Factor Weider Door Gym

X-Factor Weider Door Gym

The Weider X-Factor is the total-body training system that attaches to any door. The unique design promotes explosive movements for a total-body workout. You’ll build bigger, more powerful muscles, fast.

X-Factor Workout

Workout Attaches to Your Door

Get Ripped With X-Factor


The Weider X-Factor is the total-body training system that attaches to any door. The unique design promotes explosive movements for a total-body workout. You’ll build bigger, more powerful muscles, fast. It’s engineered to fit in any standard door with progressive resistance exceeding 210 lbs. And, to help you maximize your workout time, follow the step-by-step exercise chart and workout DVDs. The X-Factor is made with durable tubing and comes fully assembled.

X-Factor Workout Fits Any Door

Total-Body Gym Attaches to Any Door!

Full-Body Gym Membership In Your Own Home!

Strength Resistance Gets You Ripped Today!



Topstyler Curlers Styling Iron Curl Your Hair

Topstyler The Best Curling Hair Iron


With the Topstyler Styling Iron you can curl your hair three times as fast and the curls should last 3 times as long if you used a regular curling brush. So throw away your curling brush and check out the Topstyler Curlers C-Shell Hair Styling Curler Tool. The Topstyler is one of the best hairstyling tools you can buy.

The Topstyler is the new way to curl and style your hair. Unlike regular curling irons and hot brushes which lets go of your hair when still hot the Topstyler Curlers C-Shells hold the hair completely in place until it cools down. We all know curling irons can damage hair over time because of the intense heat they use. This can cause split ends and breakage. The Curlers C-shells surround the entire curl transforming the hair without frying the hair. Now since the hair is allowed to cool and set inside the chamber of the C-shell, the style in turn should hold in place much longer than other comparable hair styling tools on the market.

You will love using the Topstyler Curlers by the makers of the Instyler for many reasons to curl your hair. You will be able to style your hair quicker getting more volume, amazing looking curls and waves. Plus your new hair style will hold longer for you.

Get beautiful styling results with no damage to your hair because of the low heat and amazing C-Shells which are like a cocoon for your hair.

Get beauty salon results when you transform your hair without the need for extreme and damaging heat. The result will be lustrous, smooth, soft, silky hair. You’ll can achieve perfect natural curls, waves, and volume.



Shimmer Glitter Tattoos Body Art for Kids

Shimmer Glitter Tattoos Body Art for Kids

Shimmer Glitter Tattoos – Professional Body Art Shimmer

You’ve seen artists at theme parks and parties create bedazzling designs…Now you can create your own professional body art shimmer that shines bright, day & night! It takes only seconds – Just press on the stencil wherever you want to Shimmer. Brush on the patented adhesive shimmer glitter tattoos and dip the brush in the glitter, it takes no time to apply the design.

Place a subtle accent on ankles or wrists. Or be bold and beautiful and create Shimmer designs on backs, faces. Anywhere you desire!

Shimmer is the perfect addition to any birthday party. Kids love the fun designs. It’s so easy to apply, kids can create dozens of designs!

Throwing a slumber party? You and your best friends can create matching designs. Wear Shimmer to celebrate holidays. There’s a stencil for every occasion. Shimmer is the perfect accessory for a night out. Everyone can be a rock star with Shimmer!



Slim Ts for Men Tee Shirt Insta Slim Shapewear

Slim Ts Insta Slim Undergarment for Men

SlimTs garments for men are unnoticeable and make you look inches slimmer instantly. Made of special Spandex-blend fibers, SlimTs slims, supports and reshapes to help you look firmer, younger and well toned.

Insta Slim Shapewear for Men

SlimTs Garments

Features & Benefits

Made of special Spandex-blend fibers – not hot, not constricting!

Slims, supports & reshapes instantly

Look firmer, younger & well toned

Fits under any other garments


Look inches slimmer

No diets, exercise, pills or gym memberships

Sizes S-XL

Look slimmer thinner & younger instantly! Fits under clothes.




Baby Bottle Cuddler Stuffed Animal Bottle Holder

Bottle Cuddler is a Baby’s Best Friend.

Your baby will not wanna leave home without it. Bottle Cuddler Holder makes feeding easier for parents and enjoyable for Baby’s. This style Bottle Cuddler fits your basic baby bottle. LOOK for their new line of Bottle Cuddler that fit most baby bottles and sipper cup sizes at stores and TV.

The bottle cuddlier is a lovable huggable unique one of a kind toy which combines toy and bottle into one.

The Bottle Cuddler Bottle Holder for Infants and Toddlers

Theses stuffed animal bottle cuddles are so cute. Choose from a bear cuddler, cow cuddler, monkey cuddler or pig cuddler. If you can’t decide and love them all then buy the package deal, get them all.

The bottle cuddler is so easy to clean just throw it in the wash. The Bottle Cuddler is a baby’s / toddler’s best friend. It is a very unique one of a kind toy which combines toy and bottle into one. Everyone will love the bottle cuddler. It is super soft, washable and huggable.

So many great features for this stuffed animal bottle cuddler. Give the bear cuddler as a baby shower gift. Give the cow cuddler when a child is born. Give the monkey cuddler as a birthday gift. Give the pig cuddler as Christmas gift. Choose which cuddler you like best and you decide which one to give to that special baby or toddler in your life. The cuddler helps to keep the baby’s hands dry and bottle warm. It also holds many types of zippy cups.

The bottle cuddler should make your child feel comfortable as they hug them and helps to make nap time a pleasant experience. Your baby may sleep with the stuffed animal bottle cuddler and take it for ride with them in their stroller.

Treadclimber by Bowflex Stepper Treadmill

Treadclimber by Bowflex

treadclimber by bowflex

The TreadClimber is a very popular machine, largely because it is designed to be very low impact, easier on your joints.

The Bowflex TreadClimber Exercise Machine is better technology which can easily provide you much better results. Working out on the TreadClimber enables you burn up to three and a half times the calories similar to all other popular health and fitness devices. Burn up to 40 % additional fats than a stair climber. Burn up to three and a half times the amount of calories compared to on a typical fitness treadmill at the very same velocity!

Why buy a piece of fitness equipment that offers you the conveniences of just 1 type of workout, when you can get a Bowflex TreadClimber machinery and get the perks of 3 different equipments at the same time? It’s a treadmill machine, a stepper and an elliptical machine all in one. The difference is their special double treadle system.

Get the advantages of cardio exercise. Cardio exercise on the Bowflex TreadClimber machine will certainly not only assist you lose weight, it can easily likewise aid to:

Improve your energy level, and make it easier to obtain throughout your day.
Enhance your bone thickness and lower your threat of weakening of bones.

Increase HDLs (the “good” cholesterol levels) and lower your riskof heart disease.

Minimize back pain.
Enhance your metabolic rate, lower physique fat and make you leaner!



Customer Service Bowflex Treadclimber Phone: (800) 605-3369 Monday – Friday: 6am – 5pm PT, Click for Offer Details


Emery Cat Toy and Nail Trimmer Board

Emery Cat

Emery Cat Board is the cat nail file product that is sweeping the nation. Your cat can get it’s nail trimmed and gets a pedicure while it plays.

emery cat board

Cats can end up using our furniture as a scratching post. We don’t want that. Trying to trim your cat’s nails on your own is no fun either. This is a great pet product. That’s why the Emery Cat Board is perfect to solve your cat’s grooming problems. It has been catnip-infused on the board which serves as a scratching post for your cat while filing its nails at the same time!

More than just a cat scratcher, the Emery Cat board also comes with a cute cat toy and a FREE bonus de-shedder!

Now your cats can groom their nails while they play! Patented honeycomb surface works like a nail file, that gently filing away sharpness. Plus remember, the Emery Cat board is infused with irresistible catnip so your kitty comes back for more. Arched design is ideal for stretching and scratching in comfort, and it includes a fun feathery toy to stimulate your furry friends.

This cat Emery board is the easy and safe way to trim your cat’s nails. It is d for cat interaction, stretching and playing. Infused with irresistible catnip, kitty keeps coming back for more.

• Durable Base
• Cute Playful Kitty Toy
• Packet of Catnip
• De-Shedder – FREE Bonus

The secret is the Emery Cat Boards patented honeycomb surface that works like a nail file, gently filing away sharpness. Infused with irresistible catnip, kitty keeps coming back for more. Patented abrasive emery surface works like a nail file. It helps prevent cats from scratching your furniture.




Strap Perfect Bra Strap Solution Concealer Clips

Strap Perfect – Bra Strap Solution

Strap Perfect Bra Clips conceal your bra straps. It is a tiny comfortable clip attachment that works by hugging any two bra straps together at the middle of your shoulder blades. Finally you can wear racerback tops, sports tops and criss-cross blouses without worrying about your bra straps showing.


Now you can stop struggling with stubborn bra straps And give your cleavage a firm, youthful lift thanks to the as seen on tv product Strap Perfect. It is the ultimate bra strap concealer! You’ll never risk another fashion faux pas with any bra strap again with Strap Perfect!

Again these clips are so easy to use just simply attach the clip to your two bra straps and move it up or down for the desire position. You’ll look and feel as though you had a lift. Strap Perfect is for women of all ages and sizes who want comfort. No more wrestling with tightening stubborn bra straps to lift and support your breasts. Stop those annoying falling bra straps!

The Benefits of Strap Perfect

  • Get A Beautiful Instant Boost To Your Silhouette
  • Custom Fit That Flatters You in Any Outfit
  • Wear Under Dresses, Sweaters, Blouses or T-Shirts
  • Give Your Cleavage A Firm, Youthful Lift

Once more these clips are so simple to utilize just simply attach the clip to your 2 bra straps and move it up or down for the desire position. You’ll look and feel as though you had a lift. Strap Perfect is for women of all ages and sizes that wish comfort. No even more battling with tightening up persistent bra straps to lift and sustain your busts. Quit those irritating dropping bra straps!



Bra Straps


The Perfect Pancake Pan Flipper – Make Fluffy Pancakes

The Perfect Pancake Pan – Make Fluffy Pancakes

The Top Reasons To Get The Perfect Pancake Pan

With The Perfect Pancake Pan you can make delicious fluffy pancakes for your family.

  • Make 4 pancakes at once
  • Non-stick surface, no need for butter or oil
  • No spatula needed

Cook 4 pancakes at once without using a spatula. You should not have to worry about the batter falling apart when you flip. You actually flip the whole pan. Pour the batter into the four separate sections cook and then flip the pan to cook the batter on the other side.

Perfect Pancake Pan

Pancakes are always a family favorite for breakfast or anytime of day. They are quick and easy to make. There are tons or recipes for pancakes. Buttermilk, blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes are some very popular flavors.

Cook buttermilk pancakes, blueberry pancakes, banana pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes or whatever flavor you can think of. The perfect pancake maker is also great for flapjacks, eggs and other foods. The offer includes a recipe guide to give you ideas of just what you can make with The Pancake Maker.






Total Gym GTS | Total Gym XLS | Total Gym 3000 | Total Gym 2000

Total Gym – Full Body Work Out Equipment

Total Gym Save 10%

Total Gym are total body home gyms, exercise machines and fitness equipment endorsed by Chuck Norris. Total Gym takes ALL of the guesswork out of getting in shape.

The Total Gym is the Home Gym with the 30 Day trial!

Chuck’s job demands that he stay in tip top shape. That’s why Total Gym is the only piece of home fitness equipment Chuck Norris uses and believes in! For 30 years he has endorsed Total Gym because he has seen first hand what a tremendous difference this machine makes to anyone who wants to build muscle, lose weight, boost cardio endurance, and increase overall fitness.

Total Gym GTS Home Elite Model
Total Gym GTS is the same Total Gym commercial-grade exercise machine found in health clubs and physical therapy facilities. This professional model delivers the ultimate in workout versatility with 22 levels of resistance, adjustable Squat Stand, LAT Bar with 6 Pulley Locator Positions and more.

Total Gym XLS
With the Total Gym XLS, you’ll receive our complete line of workouts and workout tools. Easy to follow, fun and motivational to keep you on your path to success!
Over 80 exercises on
1 machine
400 lb user weight capacity
Arrives fully assembled
Includes Workout tools and DVDs

Total Gym 3000
With the Total Gym 3000, you’ll receive some fundamental workouts and workout tools. Easy to follow, fun and motivational to keep you on your path to success!
Over 60 exercises on 1 machine
350 lb user weight capacity
Arrives fully assembled
Includes 6-8 Minute Workout DVD
30-Day Trial

Total Gym 2000
For those of you determined to make a difference in your health, but are budget cautious, the Total Gym 2000 is the perfect home gym for you. Stripped down to the bare essentials, the Total Gym 2000 basic unit does not include any add-on accessories and comes with the easy to follow Start It Up! DVD.
Over 40 exercises on 1 machine
300 lb user weight capacity
Arrives fully assembled



Customer Service Total Gym Phone: 800-501-4621, Representatives are available Mon.-Fri. 8:30 am – 5:00 pm EST.,  Click for Offer Details , Try Total Gym in the comfort of your own home with their 30-day trial offer. 


Schticky Sticky Lint Roller Washable and Reuseable

Schticky Lint Roller for Every Mess

Schticky Lint Roller

Schticky is a sticky resuable and washable lint roller for just about every mess you can think of.

Sticky Lint Roller Features & Benefits
Slippery when wet and sticky when dry
Easily washes clean
Works on all fabrics from wool to velvet
Picks up pet hair easily from clothes and upholstery

Schticky 2 Piece Reusable Lint Rollers Set

Clean in a quicky with the Schticky! Reusable and washable lint rollers for every mess. The perfect cleaning system for your household needs. From lint on fabric to pet hair on furniture to dirt on the floor, use them again and again! The sticky roller grabs it all, and when it is full, just clean the Schticky with simple water and watch the dirt and debris fall right off. Just one touch and Schticky is ready to use again.

You can keep the little schticky in your pocket or purse and take it with you where ever you go. The perfect travel size.

The Schticky sticky rollers can do multiple surfaces. Pick up pet hair from clothes or the couch. Works great on grabbing cobwebs. Make cleaning your house easier with the lint roller. Use on curtains or other hard to reach places. Its slippery when wet and sticky when dry.The Schticky Sticky Roller that Vince Offer promotes on television is ideal for cleaning up many surfaces and more items like clothing, car fabric, upholstery furniture and carpet. Vince is known as the schticky guy from being seen on the schticky commercial.

You get the Schticky and the little Schticky this incredible offer is not available in stores.



Buy the Schticky and the little Schticky for just $10.00 plus p&h. As an added BONUS you’ll also get a second set Schticky and the Little Schticky for FREE, just pay p&h. It’s an incredible value not available in stores! Click for more Offer Details




The Snuggie Blanket With Sleeves – Soft Fleece Fashion Gown

Snuggie Blanket

Snuggie Blanket

The all popular Snuggie. The blanket with sleeves that has been the rage of many the past few years. Join the snuggie revolution culture. Stay warm while watching tv, reading, sewing or making your favorite snack.

Use the remote and surf through the channels on your tv, use your laptop, or do some reading in a ultra super soft fleece blanket with sleeves! The snuggies seen on tv commercials is a one-size fits all blanket with sleeves that keeps you warm and makes for a great gift, so share the warmth.

Get a super-slim, totally portable Book Light that clips on to a book with each  blanket you order absolutely FREE!

While wearing the snuggie sleeves blanket you can save money. You will be able to lower the heat and still stay nice and warm.

The Official Snuggie blanket can keep you toasty warm and cozy all winter long. Lower your heating bill and keep your hands free while you snuggle on the couch, talk on the phone, read a book or use your laptop. Make a fashion statement and wear a Snuggie, the Blanket with Sleeves!

Buy a Snuggie blanket for your next outdoor event, or use it to keep warm around the house while you save money all year round. Don’t accept cheap Snuggie blanket imitations.

This snuggle blanket comes in sizes for women, men and children and is available in three colors, burgundy, royal blue and sage green.