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Flex Seal Spray Special Offer

Flex Seal Sealant As Seen On TV Flex Seal™ sprays out a liquid, seeps into cracks and holes, and dries to a watertight, flexible rubberized coating! Flex Seal™ is Perfect for: Roofs Gutters Pipes Skylights & More! Flex Seal last a lifetime! It’s a handyman in a can. Comes in a new brite color.  The

Best Tactical Flashlight the TC1200

TC1200 Tactical Flashlight

1TAC TC1200 Tactical Flashlight One of the leading needs to get a tactical flashlight is for personal security. Not just are these tactical flashlights helpful for the armed forces, and law enforcement they are likewise thought about advantageous for people’s own self-defense. Strobing LED flashlights are available to the general public for usage for their

Nutrisystem Diet Popular Weight Loss Plan

For forty years, Nutrisystem has helped millions of people achieve real weight loss results.

For forty years, Nutrisystem has helped millions of people achieve real weight loss results. Nutrisystem’s New everyday low pricing on their largest selection of weight loss plans for women and men.

Rodent Sheriff Peppermint Spray Keeps Rodents Out

as seen on tv pest spray

Rodent Sheriff Natural Way to Repel Pests! Do you have problems with raccoons or other vermin getting into your trash, or digging up your garden? Well there is an all natural solution for this. It is called Rodent Sheriff. Get control back pf your garden and stop worrying about your trash getting dumped out. Rats normally

Total Gym GTS | Total Gym XLS | Total Gym 3000 | Total Gym 2000

Total Gym Save 10%

Total Gym are total body home gyms, exercise machines and fitness equipment endorsed by Chuck Norris. Total Gym takes ALL of the guesswork out of getting in shape.

Potty Patch Indoor Grass Turf Bathroom for Dogs

The Potty Patch is a 3 tiered doggie restroom perfect for patios and indoor use. The top is made of a soft artificial grass specifically designed to let liquid flow through.

Bowflex M3 Max Trainer Elliptical Stepper Exercise Machine

Bowflex M3 Trainer

You can get all the burn on the Bowflex M3 streamlined trainer by Bowflex. The MAX Trainer M3 delivers the breakthrough 14-minute MAX Trainer workout and puts you in control.

Mattress Wedge Fills Gap and Improves Sleep

mattress wedge

Get a better nights sleep with Mattress Wedge and stop losing items between the gap of your mattress and head board.

Diet Plan 21 Day Fix by Beachbody

21 Day Fix

The 21 Day Fix helps you to achieve fast results by following a simple meal plan and a simple fitness program. The 21 Day Fix program is a super unique portion-control system combined with simple to follow 30-minute workouts that can fit into just about anyone’s busy schedule.

Be Active Pressure Brace for Sciatic Back Pain

Beactive Leg Brace As Seen On TV

Beactive is the popular point specific acupressure brace that has been seen on tv to assist in getting fast effective relief from sciatica back nerve pain.

Snuggle Up Poly Fleece Comfort Seat Cover

The Snuggle Up Fleece instantly turns you reclining chair to the most relaxing and comfortable seat in the house. Use it over leather or fabric recliners. There are also some deep pockets where you can store some items you want close by.

Bowflex Treadclimber TC200 Most Effective Walking Exercise Machine

The All New Bowflex Treadclimber for 2016

Treadclimber TC200 Enhanced Electronic Console Meet the newly designed Bowflex TreadClimber TC200, the super premier walking workout exercise machine. It’s like having a treadmill, stepper and elliptical all rolled into one. The most effective treadclimber merely got far better. Enhanced electronic connectivity. Boosted console interactivity. A bold brand-new layout. You get the results and benefits of

Cize Beachbody Shaun T’s Best Dance Work Out

Cize Dancing Workout

Cize Shaun T’s Newest Beachbody Dance Workout Working out with Shaun T exercising to his all new dance fitness program Cize will help you to drop the pounds all while having fun. Try the 4 week CIZE down! Neglect everything you dread regarding exercises. Due to the fact that beginning today, exercize isn’t something you

Liberty Lantern Mobile Charger Solar Lamp

Liberty Lantern As Seen On TV

Liberty Lantern
The Liberty Lantern recharges any mobile device and is a solar powered led lantern. It can be charged many ways. You can charge it by hand crank, solar light, usb or an outlet. 

This lantern is sure to come in handy when the power goes out or outside on your patio or deck. There are many times this lantern is sure to come in handy.  Use at a campsite or find a romantic candle light dinner.

Enjoy the soft light of this antique looking lantern without the danger of an open flame. The LED bulbs can last up to 100,000 hours.This lantern is crafted just like antique lanterns you’re sure to enjoy it for many years to come.

Buy the Liberty Lantern

Magic Jack Plus Free Phone Calls

Magic Jack Plus

magicJack PLUS™ internet phone service has received rave reviews and many people think it is the best Call Quality they have ever heard. The magicJack PLUS has added High Definition Voice. Best Call Quality and it’s FREE.

With the new Magic Jack Plus you do need to be connected to a computer.

You do not need a computer anymore, so now you receive as good or better service than your regular home phone does. No more having to keep your computer turned on all the time. You can use any phone-corded, cordless, portable, DECT and simply plug it into your new phone jack in the magicJack PLUS™ which can be plugged into the wall now. Of course you still have a choice to plug your phone into the magicJack PLUS™ when you want to use it with your computer when traveling, at a second house, at your business or even your home. Now you have a choice, and magicJack™ is the only one who gives you these choices.


Use their Phone Service for free, make all the free calls you please. 100% Risk FREE – you pay nothing. (Hurry, less than 10,000 magicJack PLUS are eligible to be shipped for the Free Trial Offer. This offer is not available in stores and will expire.)

No Computer Required with magicJack PLUS™
Best Call Quality
Ability to Take Your Home Phone Anywhere
Free International Calls
Use Your Existing Phone Number

“A little device called magicJack will let you make calls from your phone to other phones in the United States… (the magicJack) has a real telephone jack on the side, letting you quickly bring almost any corded or cordless phone into the 21st century.” – NY Times





Ab Rocket Twister Complete System – Get Rock Hard Abs

Ab Rocket Twister – Total Abs

Just Rock and Twist with The AB Rocket Twist Chair to Get Rock Hard Abs.

If you can rock in a chair, you can launch yourself to the best abs you’ve ever had. Just sit, rock, and twist on the ab rocket twist. You can lose two inches off your waist in just 12 days! Just release the twister pin and blast away those unwanted love handles, for the most complete ab workout ever!

Ab Rocket Twister Total Abs and Oblique Workout

The Ab Rocket Twister supports your head and neck as you rock your abs, minimizing strain and maximizing gain!

Release the pin and the Ab Rocket Twister allows you to twist your body and work your obliques!

Get Rockin’ Support
The Ab Rocket Twister supports your head and neck as you rock your abs, minimizing strain and maximizing your gain!

Lift and Twist
Release the pin and the Ab Rocket Twister allows you to twist your body and work your obliques!

The secret is the Ab Rocket Twister’s exercise efficiency technology. It starts by offering resistance on the way down and on the way back up for double the impact. Get ripped, washboard abs in half the time! It not only works as a great abdominal machine, but also as a pilates assister. It focuses truly on the muscles you want to tone, the abdominals. And it’s great for people at home because it puts you in the perfect form.



Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop

Shark Steam Pocket Mop Clean Any Floor Surface

Get professional cleaning results in your own home with the Shark® Professional Steam Pocket® Mop featuring Intelligent Steam Control. Washable microfiber pockets are double sided for maximum cleaning power and capacity. Pockets are uniquely designed to grab onto dust, grime and sticky messes, even deep down in grout lines! Clean any floor, any mess anytime with the Shark Steam Mop.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a fast, effective and proven way to clean and sanitize your home against common germs and bacteria using just water. By heating ordinary tap water into a deep cleaning, germ blasting vapor, you eliminate the need for harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals that can leave a toxic residue behind, even after you’ve finished cleaning.

Shark’s revolutionary products deliver the perfect amount of steam at the perfect temperature to clean, sanitize and leave your floors virtually dry within seconds. With steam, not only can you safely and completely clean and sanitize all hard floor surfaces in your home but you are also cleaning with an eco friendly method. Intelligent Steam Control offers continuous steam delivery and precision engineering for all your hard floor surfaces and cleaning needs.

Get even more steam cleaning with the Portable Steam Pocket! It cleans AND sanitizes your above-floor surfaces so you can keep your entire house “Shark Clean!” This light-weight portable is perfect for cleaning kitchen or bathroom counters, showers, tubs and sinks. Freshen upholstery and bedding. It even kills dust mites!



Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener Tungsten Carbide Teeth

Edge of Glory As Seen On TV Knife Sharpener

Bring Any Dull Knife Back to Life with The Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener!

Edge of Glory features tungsten carbide teeth to sharpen your knives

Get absolutely perfect slices each and every time. Super suction locks it to virtually any surface. Place on smooth surface, lock it down, and it’s ready to use.

Suction to any smooth surface even upside down.

Draw the knife across the Edge of Glory™ sharpener.

Cuts like new and is ready for more! Pitchman Anthony Sullivan endorses this knife sharpener. The Edge of Glory knife sharpener as seen on tv.

With the Edge of Glory™ knife sharpener, you can restore your old, dull knives to like-new levels of sharpness in just moments! The secret is the Edge of Glory’s dual-hardened Tungsten Carbide teeth. Its super-suction base sticks to any surface, and all you have to do is swipe any knife through the Edge of Glory. Now you can slice, dice or chop with ease! The Edge of Glory works on all kinds of knives, even serrated blades and saves you the trouble and cost of having to buy an entirely new set of kitchen knives!

Slice through fruit like oranges, slice through tomatoes with ease. Bring your old dull knives back to life like they were new. Works on all types of knives including a filet knife, paring knife, chefs knives and peeling knives. Also sharpened scissors.

This great product also comes with 2 3-Piece Knife Sets



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Micro Touch Max Personal Hair Remover – Facial Hair Trimmer

Micro Touch Max All In One Personal Facial Hair Trimmer

The all-in-one personal hair trimmer. Micro Touch Max trims hair with micro precision and it gets as close as a blade, yet is safe to the touch. It’s perfect for travel and on the go, yet powerful enough for the tough stuff, and has a built-in very bright light so you can see exactly where you’re trimming.

The MicroTouch Max is as close as a sharp blade, yet it is safe to the touch. Trim hair instantly and perfect with this personal hair trimmer.

The Micro Touch Max personal hair remover very easily removes unwanted hair from your body. It can get as close as a blade does, but it’s safe to the touch, so you should not cut or nick yourself when you trim your hair. The MicroTouch Max, As Seen on TV Product, is a compact personal hair trimmer with a built in light to see for easy facial hair removal.  Its compact and perfect for travel and on the go.

The Micro Touch Max personal hair remover trimmer is perfect for trimming neck, sideburns, eyebrows, ears, chest, back, shoulders, nose, arms, hands and fingers.

Features and Benefits of The Micro-Touch Max
50% longer blade
Rubber non stick grip
Built In super bright light
2 comb attachments
Perfect for travel and on the go
Get as close as a blade, but yet safe to touch
Powerful enough for the tough stuff





Disney Princess Dresses Royal Beautiful Gowns

Disney Princess Gowns – A Gown for Every Little Princess

As Seen On TV Disney Princess — Let the Princess Fantasy Begin with Royal Beautiful Gowns!

The Disney Princess Dress Up Gowns whether it be Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Cinderalla, Ariel, Tiana, Rapunzel and Snow White would be a perfect costume for Halloween this season.

There is a gown for every Little Princess! Upgrade to The Royal Collection and get the gown, a wand, a purse, slippers and a tiara.

As Seen On TV Disney Princess — Let the Princess Fantasy Begin with Royal Beautiful Gowns

The Disney Princess Gowns are so beautiful and your child is sure to feel like a princess when wearing one of them. Your child can dress up as Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Cinderalla, Ariel, Tiana, Rapunzel and Snow White.

Watch your child wear one on these costumes and create their own once upon a time story! These Disney Gowns are great for special parties, Halloween Costumes and for dress up.

Which princess dress do you think your little girl wants to dress up as? Princess Aurora is blessed with great beauty and the gift of song. Princess Belle has big dreams and yearns for adventure. Princess Ariel knows what she wants and is determined to follow her dreams. Princess Rapunzel is known for her golden locks of long hair.



Seasonaire Electric Heater Heats Up to 1,000 Sq Ft

Seasonaire Heater & Air Purification System

Lower your heating bills and clean the air you breath at the same time!

The Seasonaire™ heating system utilizes a ceramic heating technology that emits INFRARED HEAT. Air is drawn in and instantly and efficiently transformed into radiant heat which travels rapidly and evenly throughout the room with help from the quiet DUAL ACTION FAN system. Seasonaire creates a bone-soothing heat that’s warm and not drying to the skin.  And, the ceramic heating technology never overheats  because the heating element never reaches the point of combustible temperature.

Lower your thermostat and heating bills while cleaning the air you breathe. The Seasonaire heating system draws air in & then instantly creates an infrared heat which distributes throughout the room evenly, wall-to-wall and ceiling to floor.

The InfraZone™ heating system draws air in & then instantly and efficiently creates a bone-soothing infrared heat which distributes through the room evenly; wall-to-wall; ceiling to floor.

Removes 99.97% of dust, allergens, mold spores, pet dander and pollen greater than 0.3 microns from the air that passes through it.

Kills 98% of airborne bacteria that passes through the patent pending chamber



Adds moisture to the air for a comfortable environment.

Circulates air throughout the entire room quickly and efficiently.

Lower your thermostat and also your heating bills!

Montel Williams is the pitchman for The Seasonaire, he has mentioned that he uses it all year round.


Customer Service Seasonaire Phone: 800-354-1073 Mon-Fri 8am-10pm EST.


Boom Cube Mini Portable 1 Inch Keychain Speaker

Boom Cube – Portable Mini Speaker Seen On TV

The Boom Cube is the world’s smallest portable speaker.

Never before has a speaker so small, and at the same time sounded so big. Get ten times the volume for your ipod, ipad, MP3 player, phone, computer, and more. Boom cube provides rocking bass and quality on-the-go sound. Stop worrying about bulky speakers, and get the rechargeable Boom Cube today.

With the boom cube mini speaker you can attach it to a key ring for easy transportability. It is small enough to fit in palm of user’s hand and connects to any device with a standard 3.5 mm stereo jack. Listen to your favorite tunes anywhere you go with incredible sound from the mini boom cube speaker.

The Boom Cube works with so many devices including mp3 players, smart phones, computers, macs, android devices, iPod and iPad.

Lose the ear buds and get the small cube that can attach to your keychain. It is so easy to use, just charge it, plug it in and boom it! Boom Cube great gift idea!

BoomCube is perfect at the beach , park, when walking and many other places. You get so much sound in such a small little device. It’s about the size of a quarter, 1 inch in size.

Boom Cube Features and Benefits:

Small and portable
10x increase in sound
The Side Clip allows you to take it anywhere
Rechargeable battery lasts up to 5 hours on a single charge
Creates bumpin bass and Quality ripping sound


Ahh Bra Comfortable Undergarment Shapewear

Ahh Bra – As Seen On TV

The Ahh Bra without wires, hooks or adjusting straps. Discover what a comfortable bra, that looks great and feels great.

Discover comfort, discover great looks. Ahh Bra’s breakthrough technology does away with wires, hooks and adjusting straps. Ahh Bra instantly transforms your appearance. You look great, no more bra lines, no more bulges. Just a great and comfortable look.

The active woman in you can now breathe a sigh of relief with the Ahh Bra by Rhonda Shear. Make no mistake… they are as comfortable as they appear.

Ahh Bra Features:

Seamless microfiber pullover
V neck, wide shoulder straps
Soft, full-coverage cups
Center ruching for bust shaping
Ribbed band for comfort and support
96% nylon, 4% spandex
Machine washable, tumble dry
Close-fitted: Follows your curves

Rhonda Shear is a comedienne and star of TV’s Up All Night Pajama Party offers pretty and supportive shapewear for the curvaceous woman. Her shapewear pieces including the Ahh Bra are designed to give you a smooth appearance while helping lift, control and support problem areas such as the tummy, thighs, bust and buttocks for hours. Lightweight, comfortable bras, panties, hosiery and more can be worm under almost anything to give you a slenderized look.

The active woman in you can now breathe a sigh of relief with the Ahh Bra by Rhonda Shear. Make no mistake, they are as comfortable as it gets for this type of undergarment.


Customer Service Ahh Bras phone: 877-814-2743, Click for Offer Details, 3 Ahh Bras only $59.99 plus s&h, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee



Space Bag New Dual Technology Vac or Roll

Space Bag Triple Your Storage Space – Perfect at Home, School and Traveling


Save room in your dorm room using the spacebag system. The Vacuum Sealed Space Bag System now use a new dual technology. You can use a vacuum or just roll to get the same storage results. Perfect for at home or on the go.

Use a vacuum or the new technology of rolling. You will save so much space with these organizier bags, plus keep your stuff clean and free of dust and dirt.

Triple your storage space with these airtight, waterproof and reusable Space Bags! They also protect against bugs, moths, dirt, mildew and bad odors. The storage bags are durable, and made with a multi-layer construction. This revolutionary space bag vacuum-seal storage system is perfect for all your storage needs.

Space bags have been around for good reason they work and they work well. The storage bag uses a turbo vacuum seal valve and double zipper to store your clothes nice and compact. Giving you a lot more space. They are air- and water-tight, and with the new turbo valve it vacuums out air 35% faster than other Space Bags.

Triple your storage space with these vacuum sealed bags. They are airtight, waterproof and reusable. Clean out your closets, garage, laundry room, car, school dorm and where ever you think they will be useful.






MSA 30X Rechargeable Sound Amplifier Hearing Aid

MSA 30 X Hearing Aid – Sound Amplifier

The MSA 30X sound amplifier is lightweight, very comfortable and rechargeable.

MSA30X Sound Amplifier Features:

Lightweight & comfortable – only 0.3 ounces!
Small size is barely visible
Rechargeable – no more batteries!
Fits right or left ear
Adjustable volume control
FDA Listed

A hearing aid is an electroacoustic device which typically fits in or behind the wearer’s ear, and is designed to amplify and modulate sound for the wearer.

The MSA 30X is the premier lightweight, comfortable, and rechargeable hearing amplification devices. This sound amplifiers small size makes it barely visible in your ear and it is fully rechargeable, no batteries needed like other hearing devices!

Do you have hearing problems? Have you had a hearing test and found that you may be hearing impaired? Don’t be embarrassed by large, unsightly amplifiers. MSA30X is a discrete sound amplifier that is lightweight and comfortable. The clear tubing of MSA 30X™ fits the contour of the ear making it almost invisible. Enjoy a movie or show without missing a word, have conversations with friends in a crowded restaurant without struggling to hear them all while being confident in your appearance. The MSA 30X™ discrete hearing aid is so small it’s barely visible!

You won’t have to ask people to repeat their conversations with you. With MSA 30X you should be able to hear them the first time.




30 Second Smile Whiter Teeth In 30 Seconds

30 Second Smile Whitening System

Get Sparkling Brighter Teeth In Just 30 Seconds. The 30 Second Smile toothbrush uses 6 microbrush heads that surround your teeth in soft bristles automatically cleaning the top, bottom, front, back and biting surfaces, all at the same time for the perfect cleaning every time.


Just in time for back to school. Get sparkling brighter teeth with the 30 Second Smile Whitening System.

30 Second Smile is ideal for any member of the family – young children, teens, college students, Mom, Dad and Grandparents. Oral care is a vital part of our overall health.

The Ultimate in Teeth Care

The 30 Second Smile™ toothbrush uses 6 microbrush heads that surround your teeth in soft bristles automatically cleaning the top, bottom, front, back and biting surfaces, all at the same time for the perfect cleaning every time.

That’s why brushing only 30 seconds is like brushing 3 minutes with a single headed toothbrush.

Get perfect results each and every time with the 30 Second Smile system you get a precise cleaning each and every time. All you do is bite and guide! The 30 Second Smile toothbrush automatically brushes your teeth by using the preferred method recommended by dentists and periodontists. This method is known as the Bass brushing technique. And, its patented “can’t make a mistake” design automatically positions the bristles at the perfect 45 degree angle for powering away dangerous plaque, massaging your gums and helping save your teeth.

Sonic Peeler – Peel Fruits and Vegetables Kitchen Gadget

Sonic Peeler The Revolutionary Food Kitchen Peeler

Kitchen Gadget That Takes the Work Out of Peeling

The sonic peeler takes the work out of peeling and does the work for you. It is so easy to use and no more sore achy hands. It has 3 interchangeable blades. It is both powerful and delicate.

Sonic Food Peeler

No more sores hand when peeling when you use the sonic peeler. Peel through those fruits and vegetables quickly and effortlessly. Whip up a salad super quick. You will wonder what you ever did without this amazing kitchen peeler. The portable skin scrubber for fruits and vegetables and other foods.

Peel potatoes, carrots, apples, and other fruits and vegetables with the sonic peeler.

Sonic Peeler comes complete with three blade types. It comes with a heavy duty blade for the toughest jobs. A light duty blade for delicate peeling jobs and a julienne blade for shoestring slices. It is even delicate enough to the lift the skin from a tomato.

The versatile Sonic Peeler is powerful enough for tough skins and still suitable for those delicate jobs. The peeler does all the work with an amazing 4,000 RPMs and comes with 3 interchangeable blades, making peeling potatoes or flaking parmesan cheese and quick and simple task.

The Sonic Peeler includes a set of 3 interchangeable blades for different slicing jobs. There’s a Heavy Duty Blade, a Light Duty Blade, and a Julienne Blade. 


Fabriclear Spray Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Fabriclear Bed Bug Spray

Kills bed bugs on contact with the FabriClear Spray.

Bed bugs are found in homes, offices and hospitals, and even though your sheets may look clean, those bloodsucking bed bugs could be hiding between them. No need to fear, FabriClear™ has formulated a solution to help combat the bed bug outbreak. This spray also gets rid of dust mites, eggs, larvae and more.

FabriClear is the safe, non-toxic spray that penetrates fabric deep and kills bed bugs on contact, keeping you and your loved ones bed bug and bite free.

Use this non-toxic bed bug spray to help stop the infestation of bugs in your home and when traveling.

Bed Bugs can be found in the following products:

• Pillows
• Cushions
• Beds
• Duvet Covers
• Carpets & Rugs
• Curtains & Drapes
• Furniture & More

Fabriclear is a naturally proven biodegradable enzyme cleaner that is used to help eliminate bed bugs and other pesky parasites. Don’t worry about where you lay your head down. This offer also comes with a travel bed bug spray you can take with you.