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Flex Seal Spray Special Offer

Flex Seal Sealant As Seen On TV Flex Seal™ sprays out a liquid, seeps into cracks and holes, and dries to a watertight, flexible rubberized coating! Flex Seal™ is Perfect for: Roofs Gutters Pipes Skylights & More! Flex Seal last a lifetime! It’s a handyman in a can. Comes in a new brite color.  The

Best Tactical Flashlight the TC1200

TC1200 Tactical Flashlight

1TAC TC1200 Tactical Flashlight One of the leading needs to get a tactical flashlight is for personal security. Not just are these tactical flashlights helpful for the armed forces, and law enforcement they are likewise thought about advantageous for people’s own self-defense. Strobing LED flashlights are available to the general public for usage for their

Nutrisystem Diet Popular Weight Loss Plan

For forty years, Nutrisystem has helped millions of people achieve real weight loss results.

For forty years, Nutrisystem has helped millions of people achieve real weight loss results. Nutrisystem’s New everyday low pricing on their largest selection of weight loss plans for women and men.

Rodent Sheriff Peppermint Spray Keeps Rodents Out

as seen on tv pest spray

Rodent Sheriff Natural Way to Repel Pests! Do you have problems with raccoons or other vermin getting into your trash, or digging up your garden? Well there is an all natural solution for this. It is called Rodent Sheriff. Get control back pf your garden and stop worrying about your trash getting dumped out. Rats normally

Total Gym GTS | Total Gym XLS | Total Gym 3000 | Total Gym 2000

Total Gym Save 10%

Total Gym are total body home gyms, exercise machines and fitness equipment endorsed by Chuck Norris. Total Gym takes ALL of the guesswork out of getting in shape.

Potty Patch Indoor Grass Turf Bathroom for Dogs

The Potty Patch is a 3 tiered doggie restroom perfect for patios and indoor use. The top is made of a soft artificial grass specifically designed to let liquid flow through.

Bowflex M3 Max Trainer Elliptical Stepper Exercise Machine

Bowflex M3 Trainer

You can get all the burn on the Bowflex M3 streamlined trainer by Bowflex. The MAX Trainer M3 delivers the breakthrough 14-minute MAX Trainer workout and puts you in control.

Mattress Wedge Fills Gap and Improves Sleep

mattress wedge

Get a better nights sleep with Mattress Wedge and stop losing items between the gap of your mattress and head board.

Diet Plan 21 Day Fix by Beachbody

21 Day Fix

The 21 Day Fix helps you to achieve fast results by following a simple meal plan and a simple fitness program. The 21 Day Fix program is a super unique portion-control system combined with simple to follow 30-minute workouts that can fit into just about anyone’s busy schedule.

Be Active Pressure Brace for Sciatic Back Pain

Beactive Leg Brace As Seen On TV

Beactive is the popular point specific acupressure brace that has been seen on tv to assist in getting fast effective relief from sciatica back nerve pain.

Snuggle Up Poly Fleece Comfort Seat Cover

The Snuggle Up Fleece instantly turns you reclining chair to the most relaxing and comfortable seat in the house. Use it over leather or fabric recliners. There are also some deep pockets where you can store some items you want close by.

Bowflex Treadclimber TC200 Most Effective Walking Exercise Machine

The All New Bowflex Treadclimber for 2016

Treadclimber TC200 Enhanced Electronic Console Meet the newly designed Bowflex TreadClimber TC200, the super premier walking workout exercise machine. It’s like having a treadmill, stepper and elliptical all rolled into one. The most effective treadclimber merely got far better. Enhanced electronic connectivity. Boosted console interactivity. A bold brand-new layout. You get the results and benefits of

Cize Beachbody Shaun T’s Best Dance Work Out

Cize Dancing Workout

Cize Shaun T’s Newest Beachbody Dance Workout Working out with Shaun T exercising to his all new dance fitness program Cize will help you to drop the pounds all while having fun. Try the 4 week CIZE down! Neglect everything you dread regarding exercises. Due to the fact that beginning today, exercize isn’t something you

Ab Glider Pro-Form Abs Gliding Machine

Ab Glider Pro-Form Abs Gliding Machine

Ab Glider by Proform

Combining the ‘circular burn’ and the ‘arc crunch’, the Ab Glider is the fastest way to get ripped abs in just 3 minutes a day.

The Fastest Way to Get Ripped Abs!

Two Machines in One!

The ab GLIDER combines two motions: the Circular Burn and the Arc Crunch for a fast, fun workout of your abs and entire core. You’ll engage more muscle, get a better cardio workout and burn twice the calories you would with other ab machines.


Nails In Motion Manicure Protectors

Manicure Protectors Nails In Motion

Mani-Pedi protection kit. Nails in Motion nail protectors are a revolutionary new product designed to get salon customers on the go immediately following a manicure or pedicure.

Nails in Motion

Mani/Pedi Protection

Manicure Protection

NEW Manicure Fingernail Protectors!

No more waiting for your nails to dry

Nails in Motion™ nail protectors are a revolutionary new product designed to get salon customers on the go immediately following a manicure/pedicure. No more “quick nick fixes” and no more wasting time hanging around waiting for polish to dry Nails in Motion™ nail protectors allow customers to pay the technician, put on their coat, find their keys, and get on with the day! Easy to use and durable, customers will request a set each visit or bring their own.

Manicure Fingernail Protectors!

Protect Your Mani-Pedi!

Keep Your Nails Dry and Pristine!

Protect That Manicure!

Flex Seal Spray Special Offer

Flex Seal Sealant As Seen On TV

Flex Seal™ sprays out a liquid, seeps into cracks and holes, and dries to a watertight, flexible rubberized coating!

Flex Seal™ is Perfect for:





& More!

Flex Seal last a lifetime! It’s a handyman in a can. Comes in a new brite color.  The easy way to coat, seal and protect.

As Seen On TV Sealer Spray

Flex Seal is very easy to apply. Shake well and spray an even sweeping motion from a distance of 12 to 14 inches. Spray a larger area than just where leak has occurred and feather edges. For best results, apply several coats rather than one thick coat and use at can-temperatures above 60°F. After each use, invert the can and apply a short burst to clear nozzle.

Customer Service Flex Seal Brite: phone 800-307-6201 is available Monday through Friday from 5:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST – Click for Offer Details $19.99 + s&h, Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Instyler Get Professional Salon Styling!

Instyler Get Professional Salon Styling!

Instyler The As Seen On TV Hair Rolling Brush Iron

Revolutionary hair iron features a rolling brush that straightens any type of hair while eliminating burns, snagging and clumping.


Straighten, curl and style hair in just minutes. 

The InStyler’s patent-pending design straightens, curls, and adds body without the intense heat used by other styling tools. The secret is the InStyler’s rotating heated polishing cylinder which styles hair against four rows of precision aligned bristles giving you more lift and body than ever before. The InStyler does it all for you easier and better than traditional hot tools. Replace a drawer full of old-fashioned styling tools with the amazing InStyler – it’s all you’ll ever need.

The Amazing Rotating Iron
It’s not a brush. It’s not a flat iron. It’s not a curling iron. It’s the InStyler® rotating hot iron! It Straightens, Curls, adds Volume and Shine! Your hair will be shinier, bouncier and full of lift and life! The InStyler rotating hot iron is a totally new styling and straightening tool unlike any hair styling product ever invented! The secret to the InStyler iron lies in its rotating heated polishing cylinder, along with four rows of precision-aligned bristles.

The InStyler does so much more than any other styling tool. Get lift and fullness, right from the root! Get a cool flip in seconds. Straighten even the toughest, most coarse hair and still get fullness and style without the stick-straight “flatness” of a flat iron. Do a full style in 8 minutes and change it again in two minutes! Wrap your hair around the rotating polishing cylinder  and get an amazing curl that lasts all day! If you can hold it, you can do it with the InStyler rotating hot iron!

Diamond Z4 – Simulated Beautiful Diamond Z Engagement Ring

Diamond Z4 Simulated Beautiful Ring

Diamond Z4 Engagement Ring

The Brilliance of Flawless Diamonds are captured in this beautiful Diamond Z4 engagement ring!

Now for the first time ever, the fire and brilliance of flawless diamonds are captured in this beautiful ring! Each ring is perfectly complemented by a brilliant setting of Sterling Silver Plate and offered at an unprecedented price! The Sterling Collection proudly presents a true masterpiece! This exquisite ring features a flawless two-and-three-quarter karat center CZ4 stone surrounded by over one-and-a-quarter karats of round and tapered clear Diamond-z4™ baguettes. Its style, luster, color and cut are unsurpassed.

The Diamond Z4 enagement ring and band make for the perfect wedding ring set. Experience the brilliance of flawless diamonds over 4 carats in total weight captured in this beautiful ring! Now is your chance to own one of the most famous ring designs in the world. Complete with a stunning princess cut stone hand set in finished sterling silver plate.

Is there a special loved one in your life and you want to pop the important question, but do not have the finances for an expensive diamond? If so you really should check out the diamond z4 to give as an engagement ring.


Customer Service Diamond Z4 Phone: 800-777-4034 Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Time, Click for Offer Details, ring for only $20 plus s&h

CuddleUppets Cuddly Snugglepets Hand Puppet Blankets

Cuddle Uppets are a cross between a cuddly blanket and a cute puppet. Your kids will love to cuddle, hug, play and love these warm, fuzzy friends. Play all day and sleep the night away. The fun never ends with cuddle up friends.

Bring your child the joy, comfort and friendship of a soft and gentle Cuddleuppet! Made of soft plush, Cuddlee-Uppets serve as both a stuffed animal and a blanket, making nap time relaxing and fun for your child. They are excellent companions for long trips or vacations and always provide kids with a cuddly buddy and a blanket to help stay warm.

Pick brown bear, pink poodle, yellow puppy, purple monkey, blue elephant, or green crocodile. The fun never ends with cuddle up friend’s. The hand puppet that’s a blanket. 


Kymaro New Body Shaper Take Off Inches

Kymaro New Body Shaper Take Off Inches

The Kymaro New Body Shaper is the fastest and safest way to take off inches in all the important places where we can’t seem to lose the weight. Body-hugging shape-wear curves your body in all the right places.

Instantly take off inches where it counts.

Get a Slender Figure Instantly!

Get the Curves You Want In an Instant!

Take off Inches Where It Counts

The Clothes To Get You Lean and Slender!

The Kymaro Body Shaper is the fastest and safest way to take off inches in all the important places where we can’t seem to lose the weight. Plus, these amazing undergarments smooth out the rolls and bulges, giving the simple look of a sleek and slender body.

Body Shapers

Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read

Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read

The famous and award-winning Hooked on Phonics program has been teaching kids to read for generations. Try Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read risk-free for 30 days.

Perfect for kids just learning, ready to jump ahead, or struggling to keep up.

The Top-Ranked Reading Program in the World

World-Famous Reading Program

Award-Winning Program Teaches Your Child How to Read

Teach Your Child How to Read

Parent-Designed, Kid-Approved Reading Program

Hooked on Phonics is the world famous and award-winning education program that has been teaching kids how to read for over twenty years. This carefully designed and perfected eight-week program is guaranteed to improve your child’s reading skills.

See results in your child immediately with Hooked on Phonics.

Three-time winner of both the National Parenting Seal of Approval and the Teachers’ Choice Award, Hooked on Phonics is the proven method to boost reading skills and comprehension. Hooked on Phonics is not only educational, but it?s also fun — kids become better readers while they play. Not only will you witness your child?s education improve, but you will also notice that your child will actually want to read, finding it fun and exciting.


Walkfit Shoe Inserts

Walkfit Shoe Inserts

Relieve your foot pain with WalkFit Platinum

Over 5 million people felt relief with WalkFit Shoe inserts

Get back on your feet with Walk Fit orthodontics- Guaranteed!

WalkFit cushions your feet for ultimate comfort!

WalkFit technology relieved foot pain in 90% of users.

Advanced cushioning and shock absorption with Walk Fit

No other orthotic offers you the comfort and guarantee of WalkFit

Relieve foot pain today

Relieve foot pain with WalkFit Platinum Orthotics

Realign your feet, realign your life

Walk-fit cups the foot with durable support to relieve discomfort! Distributes your weight evenly across your foot to help prevent collapsing, pressure points, stress and rubbing. This reduces painful burning, bunions, corns, and calluses.

It also eases impact by evenly distributing the force of each step! Flexes and cushions to help absorb destructive shock waves from traveling up through your entire body every time your foot hits the ground!

NEW! Cushions your heel for ultimate comfort! A cushioning gel pad in the heel provides extra shock absorption and comfort.

NEW! Kills germs and odors! Advanced Nanosilver antibacterial technology kills germs and odors as you walk. Your feet, shoes and orthotics stay fresh all day, everyday!

No other orthotic offers you this custom comfort feature! 3 sets of customizable arch inserts allow you to decide which feels perfect for you.

Ronco Showtime Rostisseries Ovens and Accessories

Ronco Showtime Ovens and Accessories

Ronco Showtime Rotisserie

Meet Ron’s smallest, most compact Showtime™ Rotisserie the original “Set-It-And-Forget-It” rotisserie oven. The Compact Rotisserie is a delicious alternative for those people with limited counter space, or simply on a budget. The Compact model is sure to be an excellent and tasty addition to a boat or recreational vehicle, and with it’s small footprint it’ll fit just about anywhere. This package provides you the basic accessories you need to start you on your way to great rotisserie cooking.

The Set It and Forget It Showtime Rotisserie Oven

* Makes Up to a 10 lb. Turkey (roasts in under 3 hours – no basting!) or Two 3 lb. Chickens

* Clean White or Black Finish

* Compact Nonstick Rotisserie Basket

* Dishwasher-Safe (nonstick parts and glass door)

* Spit Holder and Easy Loading Carving Base

* Rotisserie & BBQ video

* Oven Drip Pan

* BBQ oven instructional booklet with recipes

The Original Set It and Forget It Oven!

World Famous Set It and Forget It Oven

World Famous Rotisserie Oven

Eat Healthy and Save Time!

Rotisserie Oven In Your Kitchen!

Easy to use.. Just set it and forget it.

The Ronco Showtime Rotisserie 3000 Compact makes sensational rotisserie chicken, prime rib or shish kabobs. Smaller than other Showtime Rotisseries, this Junior Rotisserie Oven is perfect for one or two people, small apartments or RVs. The 3000T Rotisserie will roast up to a 10-pound turkey in just two hours, with no basting required. Slow roast amazing tri-tip, ham, pork, and lamb on the rotisserie spit, and you will impress your guests with professional tasting meals. Use the rotisserie basket to cook delicious salmon, trout, shrimp, chops, hamburgers or steaks with little or no fat! Every Ronco Rotisserie is also easy to clean, thanks to the dishwasher-safe nonstick drip pan and basket.


Better Bagger Holds Bags Upright

Better Bagger Holds Bags Upright

Better Bagger – Holds Bags Upright and Open to Eliminate Spills.

Better Bagger holds bags upright & open. Storing food & leftovers has never been easier.

It’s like having an extra hand.

Store food, leftovers and more without the mess!

Create meal sized portions quickly and easily.

Folds flat to store in kitchen drawer.

From the pan to the bag with no mess. Storage containers can take up so much space. Better Bagger fits neatly in drawers.

Better Bagger is as easy to use as 1,2,3

Step 1: Adjust the Arms

Step 2: Clip On the Bag

Step 3: And Fill

Better Bagger and Better Spouts are perfect for:

holding bags upright and open, food and leftovers, meal sized portions, and more…

Better Bagger Special Online Offer

Pedibrush Extra Long Footbrush

The Extra Long Footbrush with AnguFlex™ Bristles

Pedibrush is the extra long foot brush with anguflex bristles which make cleaning your feet a breeze!

For Clean, Healthy Feet, It Can’t be Beat!

Introducing the PediBrush™, the Extra Long Foot Brush with AnguFlex™ Bristles, that makes cleaning your feet a breeze! No more bending, twisting and stretching! Features an extended 30 inch frame and specially designed AnguFlex™ front bristles that make it easy to reach your feet and effortlessly clean between toes & hard to reach areas!

With BRISTLES ON BOTH SIDES, PediBrush™ re-invigorates the skin by deeply cleaning and exfoliating! You’ll love how soft, smooth and fresh your feet feel in just seconds! Give every part of your feet the treatment you deserve. Keep your heels, toes and arch healthy, smooth and supple with spa treatment

Try No No Hair Removal System

Try No No Hair Removal System

With the No No Hair removal service you can go weeks without shaving.

The first professional hair removal treatment designed for use at home, no!no! treatments are easy to apply and pain free. Instead of a razor blade or tweezers no!no! relies on a newly developed thermal technique that gently rids you of unwanted hair.

Now you finally have a solution that, when used continuously, lets you achieve long-lasting professional results and in the comfort of your own home. You no longer need to hassle with the inconvenience and high cost of expensive and time consuming professional treatments. Instead, you can use the no!no! whenever and wherever you want and as often as you like!

no!no! is a doctor recommended device that is based on years of research and development. It has been featured in hundreds of magazines, including Vogue, Allure, Elle, and others. It was also the recipient of the 2011 Product of the Year for the Consumer Survey of Product Information.


NoNo Hair- Free Skin Special Online Offer!



InstaBulb The Stick Up Light Bulb

Have light where you want it, when you want it.

insta bulb

This battery-operated light bulb is cool to the touch, so it’s safe to place anywhere in your home. INSTABulb™ is perfect in dark closets, cabinets, attics and basements. All you have to do is stick the base on the wall, slide in the bulb and pull the cord to get light anywhere you need it.

The instabulb is a wireless light bulb you can install without an electrician. The stickup plastic bulb can go just about anywhere. It’s great for insides closets.

INSTABulb™ Features:

• Battery operated

• Slides out to become a handy lantern

• Stays cool to the touch

• Shatter proof

• Stick on base, slide in bulb, and you’ve got light


Think & Lose Easy Weight Loss

Think & Lose Weight Loss

Eat what you would normally eat and still lose weight. Think and Lose is the proven method with guaranteed results to reduce cravings and curb your appetite without changing what you eat. Eat what you would normally eat and still lose weight. Free thirty-day trial.

Think and Lose

Effortless Weight Loss

Lose Weight Today

Guaranteed Weight Loss

Studies show that adding hypnosis can help you lose more weight and the benefits increase substantially over time! Hypnosis has been approved for medical and psychological purposes for 50 years.

Think & Lose Effortless Weight Loss with Hypnotherapy

EAT all the foods you normally eat

LOSE CRAVINGS for rich and fattening foods

RELAX – takes just a few relaxing minutes a day

EASY & AUTOMATIC – no willpower needed!

Lose Weight With Hypnotherapy!

Weight Loss Without The Workout!

Use Your Mind To Lose Weight!

Clinically-Proven Way To Shed Pounds!


Think And Lose Is Your Way To Weight Loss


Weight Loss Books