Pedibrush Extra Long Footbrush

The Extra Long Footbrush with AnguFlex™ Bristles

Pedibrush is the extra long foot brush with anguflex bristles which make cleaning your feet a breeze!

For Clean, Healthy Feet, It Can’t be Beat!

Introducing the PediBrush™, the Extra Long Foot Brush with AnguFlex™ Bristles, that makes cleaning your feet a breeze! No more bending, twisting and stretching! Features an extended 30 inch frame and specially designed AnguFlex™ front bristles that make it easy to reach your feet and effortlessly clean between toes & hard to reach areas!

With BRISTLES ON BOTH SIDES, PediBrush™ re-invigorates the skin by deeply cleaning and exfoliating! You’ll love how soft, smooth and fresh your feet feel in just seconds! Give every part of your feet the treatment you deserve. Keep your heels, toes and arch healthy, smooth and supple with spa treatment

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