The Amazing Fold Up Pocket Chair

Pocket Chair – Amazing Fold Up Compact Seat

The pocket chair fits in your pocket and you can take it just about anywhere. Always have a seat on hand. Very compact. Keep one in your glove box, back pack and back pocket.

pocket chair as seen on tv

You will find some many uses for your pocket seat. Take it with you to the park, while golfing, at the beach, camping and even gardening. The amazing pocket chair that fits in your pocket.

Fits in may smaller areas like your hand bag, glove box, napsack, golf bag, tackle box, gym bag, tool box, briefcase and your lunchbox.

Compact chair fold up with ease and fits right in your pocket. No need to sit on the ground or stand around anymore with this chair. Can hold up to 250 pounds. Standing in line is a thing of the past.


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