Ruggies Non-Slip Sticky Free Rug Grippers

Ruggies Keep Rugs From Slipping

Ruggies are the best and easiest way to prevent trips and slips on area rugs and keep your rugs looking tidy and neat.

as seen on tv ruggies

Ruggies are triangular-shaped grippers to stick on each corner of scatter rug. This means that one order should be enough for 4 rugs of any size. Ruggies Rug Grippers are truly easy to use, just push them to the bottom of your carpet and stick the various other end to the floor. Say goodbye to messing up floors. Ruggies are sticky and gluey free. The secret is Ruggies Tacky Hold Polymer Technology which holds the floor covering along with hundreds of suction pockets. This makes them straightforward to remove. Plus they are washable and recyclable!

Area rugs, throw rugs or mats can be frustrating. Keeping them from slipping can be tricky relying on the surface they are on. Area rugs on carpet have the tendency to bunch up and crinkle, primarily because of the adaptability of carpeting. Not only is this problem undesirable for visual effects, but it could possibly ruin the fibers of the rug over time and make it tough to lay flat, even on wood floors. Bunched up carpets can be avoided by utilizing Ruggies Grippers, the as seen on tv triangular rug grippers.

Reusable rug corners that are easy to use. Just stick and press!



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