Schticky Sticky Lint Roller Washable and Reuseable

Schticky Lint Roller for Every Mess

Schticky Lint Roller

Schticky is a sticky resuable and washable lint roller for just about every mess you can think of.

Sticky Lint Roller Features & Benefits
Slippery when wet and sticky when dry
Easily washes clean
Works on all fabrics from wool to velvet
Picks up pet hair easily from clothes and upholstery

Schticky 2 Piece Reusable Lint Rollers Set

Clean in a quicky with the Schticky! Reusable and washable lint rollers for every mess. The perfect cleaning system for your household needs. From lint on fabric to pet hair on furniture to dirt on the floor, use them again and again! The sticky roller grabs it all, and when it is full, just clean the Schticky with simple water and watch the dirt and debris fall right off. Just one touch and Schticky is ready to use again.

You can keep the little schticky in your pocket or purse and take it with you where ever you go. The perfect travel size.

The Schticky sticky rollers can do multiple surfaces. Pick up pet hair from clothes or the couch. Works great on grabbing cobwebs. Make cleaning your house easier with the lint roller. Use on curtains or other hard to reach places. Its slippery when wet and sticky when dry.The Schticky Sticky Roller that Vince Offer promotes on television is ideal for cleaning up many surfaces and more items like clothing, car fabric, upholstery furniture and carpet. Vince is known as the schticky guy from being seen on the schticky commercial.

You get the Schticky and the little Schticky this incredible offer is not available in stores.



Buy the Schticky and the little Schticky for just $10.00 plus p&h. As an added BONUS you’ll also get a second set Schticky and the Little Schticky for FREE, just pay p&h. It’s an incredible value not available in stores! Click for more Offer Details




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