Shimmer Glitter Tattoos Body Art for Kids

Shimmer Glitter Tattoos Body Art for Kids

Shimmer Glitter Tattoos – Professional Body Art Shimmer

You’ve seen artists at theme parks and parties create bedazzling designs…Now you can create your own professional body art shimmer that shines bright, day & night! It takes only seconds – Just press on the stencil wherever you want to Shimmer. Brush on the patented adhesive shimmer glitter tattoos and dip the brush in the glitter, it takes no time to apply the design.

Place a subtle accent on ankles or wrists. Or be bold and beautiful and create Shimmer designs on backs, faces. Anywhere you desire!

Shimmer is the perfect addition to any birthday party. Kids love the fun designs. It’s so easy to apply, kids can create dozens of designs!

Throwing a slumber party? You and your best friends can create matching designs. Wear Shimmer to celebrate holidays. There’s a stencil for every occasion. Shimmer is the perfect accessory for a night out. Everyone can be a rock star with Shimmer!



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