Stone Wave Ceramic Microwave Stoneware

Stone Wave Microwave Cooking Bowl As Seen On TV

stone wave cook in the microwave

The Stone Wave Microwave bowl is made from a ceramic non stick surface and has a stay cool to touch handle. If you like cooking in the microwave because of the time you save and easy clean up then this kitchen product is for you.

With the Stone Wave Stoneware make gourmet meals, yummy desserts, awesome tasting dips easily in the microwave. You will be pleased by the amounts of different foods you will be able to cook in the microwave with these ceramic bowls. Plus you can go right from the microwave to the table. Serve the food in the same pot you cooked it in. Using less bowls and plates mean less clean up time.

You will receive recipes with the Stone Wave and learn how to make an awesome tasting french onion soup, shrimp dish, banana dessert and the easiest fluffy scrambled eggs.


Stone Wave Customer Service: Phone 855-668-1659, Click for More Offer Details, Today they’ll send you the amazing Stone Wave™ with the FREE five minute recipe guide for just $10.00 plus shipping and handling. Plus,they are also making a very special offer to receive a second Stone Wave – just pay a small separate fee.

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