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MyPillow Premium Pillow – World’s Most Comfortable Stay Cool Pillow

MyPillow Stays Cool

Standard/Queen Bed MyPillow Premium

The first night you fall asleep on one of these premium pillows you’ll understand why over 1 million people have fallen in love with “The World’s Most Comfortable Pillow”, MyPillow.

These top of the line Premium pillows come in 4 different lofts to ensure you get the most restful, comfortable, deep healing sleep of your life! Their Patented 3 piece interlocking fill allows you to adjust the MyPillow just the way you want while keeping your head and neck cool and comfortable

Every MyPillow® is 100% Non-Allergenic, Machine Washable and Dryable..

Thousands of people like you suffer from inadequate sleep caused by sleeping on a poor pillow, and inadequate sleep can exacerbate ailments such as migraines, fibromyalgia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, TMJ, snoring and numerous other afflictions. The nerves in your neck support all the nerves throughout your arms, torso, and legs. When you use MyPillow, your C-1 and C-2 vertebrae are supported and nerves are allowed to rest and restore – especially because My Pillow stays cool.

Many people are in search of the pillow that will help them sleep comfortably. At night, you may sleep with your arm under your head for support, flip-flop from side-to-side, flip your pillow over because of overheating, basically robbing yourself of highly beneficial REM sleep. Even if you are asleep for a full night, if your vertebrae are not fully supported, you’re only getting a few minutes of quality, healing sleep.

You can rest assured that you will have the most comfortable pillow for you. My Pillow is dust mire resistant, antimicrobial, machine washable and non-allergenic.

MyPillow has sold millions of pillows to people throughout North America and even our troops overseas. You have probably seen the MyPillow commercial – don’t be fooled by imitations.