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Pocket Hose Ultra As Seen On TV Garden Hose That Grows

Pocket Hose Ultra As Seen On TV Garden Hose

Pocket Hose is the hose that grows and fits easily in your pocket! Simply turn on the water and watch it expand!

Pocket Hose Ultra

The Lightweight Expandable, Easy-To-Store, Outstanding Pocket Hose Ultra Double Offer

Store this garden hose anywhere! Water your lawn! Affixed to any sort of spout.

Fits in a pocket yet increases to a complete full size hose!
The Pocket Hose is the portable, compact hose that increases to a full size hose, but weighs less than a pound!

It’s perfect to water your garden and sturdy yet sturdy enough to hose down your patio. Turn the water off, and the Pocket Hose shrinks back to its original dimension. It’s the best substitute to those bulky hoses that entangle and kink. Pocket Hose is additionally available in 50, 75 and ONE HUNDRED foot sizes.

Pocket Garden Hose Features:
Small enough to fit in your pocket when collapsed.
Long and durable enough for any job when expanded.
Twist, twist and knot proof.
Super light in weight and puts up or stores anywhere.
Offered in four sizes.

Get this amazing hose at a great low price and add on a second hose for more length.







Xhose by Dap Blue Garden Hose

The revolutionary XHose by Dap includes a brand-new, unique expandable design and is unlike any kind of garden hose you have ever seen.  It’s an expanding, lightweight hose.

xhose extreme pro

The XHose is the world’s first as well as just expandable hose. The X-Hose the fabulous broadening blue hose, not offered in stores. It is tremendously tough as well as heavy duty yet at the very same time ultra lightweight. This is one fantastic hose. Made with two layers and has incredibly sturdy webbing. The XHose exceptional design includes a challenging rubber inner hose covered in tough, remarkably tough webbing. It stays strong and durable in all sorts of weather. The xhose by dap is great for many projects around the house. Water your garden and grass. With this lightweight expandable hose washing your car and outdoor furniture will be much less of a chore. This blue garden hose will certainly not turn, twist or also kink. It automatically, incredibly conveniently expands up to three times its dimension when the water passes through it. Just as quick when the water is shut off it decreases back in size.back in just seconds.

XHOSE is the amazing expandable garden hose.

It is so small before water runs through it that you could fit in your pocket. It is also very light weight. It weighs less than most bottles of water. This 2-in-1 Kink-Free Watering Hose is lightweight and expands up to three times its length! This is an awesome comes in sizes from 25′ to 50′ feet; you can also purchase combo kits, which can bring the hose up to 100′. Just attach the hoses to make one extra long hoses when you need to reach an area further away. The hose the expands when water runs through and shrinks when the water stops.