Tread Ahead Dual Sided Grips – Traction for Tires

Tread Ahead Never Get Stuck Again

Tread Ahead gives your tires the much needed traction in an instant by gripping the snow or ice below and allowing you to move your vehicle forward to a safer spot.

No more messy salt, heavy bags of sand, shovels, tow trucks, or embarrassment! Simply wedge the Tread Ahead underneath the stuck tire and drive. Your car will safely grip the Tread Ahead and drive out of the slippery situation.

Never get stuck in deep snow, ice, or slush again with the Tread Ahead.

The patented dual-grip tread aheads designed grabs and locks into the ice on one side, giving your tire the traction it needs on the other.

Tread Ahead the no-slip dual-sided grips give car tires the total traction they need to speedily get out of slippery or sticky situations which may include snow, mud, and ice that would normally require shoveling, towing or help from others. Simply place beneath front of the stuck tire and go! Dual grip technology offers traction on top and a slip-resistant bottom.

The Tread Ahead is also an ice scraper! Safe for all windshield types and great for thick ice and heavy snow.

Works great on cars, SUVs, trucks, and more. Great for all types of ice, snow, and even mud.

Tread Ahead Product Features:

Easily gets your vehicle out of deep snow, mud, or ice
Patented dual grip system locks onto the slippery stuff quick
Fits in your trunk or back seat area
Doubles as an ice scraper too!
Works on all SUVs, trucks, and cars
Great gift idea


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