Twist N Clip Holds Hair In Place

The Twist ‘N Clip, available in black, bronze and blonde, helps you style and hold your hair with a touch of glam!

The Twist n Clip holds your hair all day long! The hair clip is so comfortable, it is easy to use and won’t damage hair while holding your hair firmly in place. Twist n Clip can be used on just about any hair type, from thick and curly to thin. Just collect your hair, twist, spread, and clip. It is like a giant bobby pin!


You’ll receive 3 Twist ‘N Clips in your choice of Black, Bronze or Blonde as well as the Crystal Glass Tattle Tail. As a special BONUS, you’ll receive an additional 3 pack of Twist ‘N Clips in the same color and the Black Faceted Crystal Tattle Tail.

Create your own unique beautiful hairstyles in just minutes. The giant bobby pin that gives your hair a lift.

The As Seen On TV Twist N Clip Very Easy To Use:

Step 1. COLLECT into medium-height ponytail

Step 2. TWIST ponytail 2-4 turns straight upwards

Step 3. SPREAD open Twist ‘N Clip & slide underneath

Step 4. CLIP it like a safety pin

• 1 Official Twist ‘N Clip Style Guide will show you many ways to style your hair

No more bad hair days with twist and clip.


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