Weider 20 Pound Powerbell

Weider 20 Pound Powerbell

Seven Kettlebells in one! The 20 pound PowerBell save you money and space by combining 7-in-1, and it includes a workout DVD.

The perfect combination of STRENGTH & CARDIO

The PowerBell™ combines cardio and strength training. This alone will get you lean, strong and cut fast. It increases your cardio for maximum calorie burn while engaging every muscle in your body for more strength and definition. And, because it’s from Weider, you know it will work.

The Weider 20 lb. Powerbell combines 7 kettle bells in 1 convenient set! The weights quickly adjust from 5 lb. up to 20 lb. to personalize your workout. Kettle bells are versatile enough for numerous workouts.

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